Google STADIA Will Only Work With WiFi At Launch

Some thought you could be playing Google STADIA at home and continue when leaving it thanks to a mobile connection. This will not happen during its launch.

Among the most attractive features of Google STADIA is the possibility of playing on any device with an Internet connection, which means that it would result in great flexibility in the user experience, as they could switch from one device to another instantly and continue the game at the point where they left it.

With this, some thought that they could be playing at home and continue the game when leaving it thanks to the mobile connection of their cell phone or other devices. Unfortunately, this will not happen, or at least not during its launch.

In an interview with The Vergecast, (via Wccftech), Google’s vice president of devices and services, Rick Osterloh, was questioned about the possibility of playing with Google STADIA through a mobile network and his response was not what the next users of the platform expected, because it will not allow them to use the platform outside a WiFi network.

Google STADIA will only work on WiFi at the beginning.

Shortly thereafter, Google confirmed the statement to 9to5Google, arguing that only this type of connection will be available at the beginning to provide the best experience for STADIA Founders Edition users.

We are focused on making sure that Stadia Founders receive the better experience in its premiere on a WiFi connection.

It is important to mention that this comes as a surprise because the Google STADIA requirements page only specified that a reliable Internet connection (10 Mbps or more) was necessary, but the type of connection was not referred to.

Despite the limitations of the Internet connection, Osterloh’s response gives hope that the option to connect to a mobile network will be enabled in the future. We will keep you informed.

Recently we learned that Google STADIA, the promising video game streaming platform, already has a release date. Naturally, more information is available as we approach its debut. As part of this flow of service details, today it was learned that the wireless controller will not have support for all devices at launch.

As you know, one of the main attractions of Google STADIA is its controller, with which you can enjoy the service on different platforms. One feature is that it does not require cables when playing. However, the wireless function will not be available for all devices, but only in Chromecast Ultra.

This was noted by the Reddit user Phaar18, who shared an image that reads that the wireless controller will only be available on the TV through Chromecast Ultra. Subsequently, a Google member confirmed the information and mentioned that in order to use this command on other platforms it will be necessary to connect the control to the desired device with a USB cable (type C).

When questioned about this decision, a Google spokesman responded to The Verge that this will be the case because they want the wireless gaming function to be implemented well on televisions first. Thus, leave the door open to the possibility that the function will later be available on mobile devices and PCs.

Finally, different compatible controls can be used on PC (Chrome) or mobile phones, but the only way to play on a TV is through Google Chromecast Ultra and the official STADIA control at its launch.

I remind you that Google STADIA will be available from November 19.

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