Microsoft Head Matt Booty Excited For InXile’s Project Cobalt

Microsoft's Matt Booty has tried InXile's Project Cobalt RPG and he has good words about it.

Matt Booty, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios, recently went into an interview with Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson) about various games that he had seen at Gamescom that he was excited for. This included, particularly, Project Cobalt, an upcoming steampunk RPG game being developed by inXile Entertainment and supposedly releasing in 2023.

Booty, in the interview, said that Xbox head Phil Spencer had also gotten to try the game out at inXile and that both he and Booty were very impressed with what the team had put together. While inXile hasn’t released a trailer for it yet, Project Cobalt appears to be a first-person steampunk RPG game. Booty said of the game…

“They’ve got something really cool coming together…there’s some cool mechanics in there.”

While Project Cobalt didn’t get shown off at Gamescom, the fact that it’s in the works and that bigwigs at Microsoft are impressed with it is a good sign that the game might be very eye-catching when the trailers actually come out. With it being a steampunk RPG, there’s also a lot more that the InXile Entertainment could do with the game to make it more distinct from the usual fantasy RPGs.

The game will have some competition though. One of the most talked-about games that did get shown at Gamescom is Lies of P, a Soulslike game putting a dark and violent spin on Pinocchio that is also going to be releasing in 2023. While the two are likely more different than they seem (Lies being a Soulslike while Project Cobalt is a first-person RPG), they might end up unintentionally facing each other down.

Hopefully, if Phil Spencer and Mark Booty really are impressed with the game, Project Cobalt will be able to find a successful niche when it releases. Until then, hopefully inXile Entertainment will put out a trailer sometime soon so we can actually learn more about the game.

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