Modders Successfully Get Intel Coffee Lake Chips To Run On Intel Skylake/Kaby Lake Motherboards

One of the main concerns from PC enthusiasts regarding Intel’s 8th Gen Coffee Lake chips is that they don’t run on older 200-series and 100-series chipset motherboards despite Intel Coffee Lake chips having the LGA 1151 socket which is identical to Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs. However, modders have successfully made Coffee Lake Chips To Run on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards.

According to Intel, the reason why Coffee Lake Chips aren’t compatible with Skylake/Kaby Lake motherboards is that the power requirement is higher due to the increased core and thread count.

According to modders, Intel is blocking Coffee Lake Chips to run on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards using a software which comes in in the form of CPU microcode. However, modders have successfully bypassed the software to get the Coffee Lake CPU work on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards.

If you are wondering how you can run Intel Coffee Lake Chips on Skylake and Kaby Lake motherboards, you can check out our detailed guide which will take you step-by-step on how to do it.

In related news, some leaked benchmarks for Core i7-8750H reveal 50% performance leap over i7-7700HQ. Compared to i7-7700HQ and Core i7-8550U, Intel Core i7-8750H beat them by 20% in single-threaded tests and by 50% in multi-threaded tests.

According to the leak, Intel Core i7-8750H features a base clock of 2.2 GHz and a boost clock of 4.09 GHz with a 9MB L3 cache.

Furthermore, a report has been making rounds on the internet revealing how much performance hit i7-7700HQ saw following Spectre patch. According to the report, the processor saw a single digit performance drop but, there are some exceptions.

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