Here Is The Performance Hit For Intel CPUs Following Spectre And Meltdown Patches

With Spectre and Meltdown security flaws coming to light, Intel has been having a hard time patching them up as the initial patches caused system restarts and on top of that, patches for these security flaws cause CPU performance to drop and a report has emerged revealing how much performance hit is to be expected in recent Intel CPUs following the patches.

Tech Report took the opportunity to test how much of a performance hit Intel Kaby Lake Core i7-7700HQ has seen following the patch. According to the site, i7-7700HQ saw a single digit performance drop, which is in line with Intel’s claim that its CPUs only see single digit performance drops with Spectre and Meltdown security patches.

However, the one digit performance drop for this particular Intel CPU comes with exceptions as browser tests showing approximately 10% drop in performance and the performance for PCMark 10 dropped by 13.5% with latest security patches.

However, this isn’t the indication of how much performance drop Intel CPUs will experience as the results vary for different applications and it all comes down to what kind of application or workload you are running on a system.

While Intel CPUs are seeing performance hits with security patches installed but, the company has promised hardware fix for Spectre and Meltdown for its upcoming line of processors.

According to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, the company is working on a hardware fix for its next line of processors that will be available in 2019. the company plans ‘in-silicon” fixes by the end of the year.

Furthermore, Raja Koduri has teased something big at Intel which comes following Intel revealed GPU prototype. The prototype chip has 1.5 billion transistors, the frequency range from 50 MHz at 0.51 volts to 400 MHz at 1.2 volts.

What is your take on the situation? Will Intel be able to sort things out with its upcoming line of CPUs? Let us know in the comments.

Source: TechReport

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