Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr Builds Guide

As is the case with every single new addition to the Warhammer franchise, there are a ton of new builds that you can try on each character. However, if you want to skip all the experimenting and just want to try some of the builds that work, then this Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr Builds Guide is for you.

Our Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr Builds Guide will give you multiple builds for each of the new classes that are in the game so that you can be efficient with them right from the get-go.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr Builds

There are 3 different classes that are a part of the game. They are Assassin, Psyker, and Crusader. All of these are made for distinct play styles and thus they have very different builds for them.

We will be taking a look at all of them individually and in detail. Let us delve into the details of all of the classes to see how it that they differ is and how you can make use of their specialties for yourself.

Assassin Bruiser Build

This build is very good as it allows you to deal a ton of damage and be right in the middle of the action. For the skill tree, it is best to have as much critical hit as possible. Take the critical hit to 8% altogether if your suppression status is green. This is good because you will easily be able to have a green suppression status due to all of the abilities that you have in this build.

Take abilities such as Expose Weakness in the melee skill tree as they allow you to be more effective in battle. Moreover, expand on the Bloodthrist skill all the way to the top so as to have 50 HP whenever you kill someone.

The rest of your points can be spread about how you want so as to personalize your build and have points where you want them to be.

Movement Speed is probably a good idea is it will allow you to chase enemies on the battlefield. For the last tree, go for the dodge building moves so as to be slippery while in close combat.

In your stats, get as many survival points as you can to survive the onslaught of damage on you and then work towards dodge and stacking onto some buffs that you get from the skill tree.

As for perks, use Nephrine monger for the extra dodge, Hazard Stimulation to help with the previous perk and then use Fluid Attack Strategy to be able to deal a ton of damage after you dodge an attack.

Use the Cathean Sword as a weapon as it will allow you to build debuff stacks and get a higher critical damage percentage which will stack with your skill tree. The stats of the weapon itself are quite good and you and your clones will be able to apply a ton of stacks onto the enemy.

Alternative Build

This build once again uses the Carthean Sword along with the Fabricator Distortion Armor. This build has a lot of single target damage and will be perfect for strong enemies.

The Carthean Sword is quite overpowered and it is probably best to use it as much as you can. The armor will allow you to use temperal distortion to stay alive and enhance your damage.

As for the skills, go for Cerebral Feedback as it will allow you to heal when you deal damage.

Quickening and Athletic Augmentation will help tie in your different methods of damage together. Use Unfettered Precision and No Remorse are your priority in the Critical Skill tree. Everything apart from Eviscerate should be used from the Close Combat tree.

All of the remaining skill points can be used in anything that you want to. As for the attributes, it is best if you put most of them into Accuracy at this point and then focus on Survival followed by Bloodlust. A good combination is 11 in Accuracy, 6 in Survival and 4 in Bloodlust.

The perks of this build have the Fluid Attack Strategy, which should be quite obvious as it is a very strong addition to any damage dealer.

Cull the Weak is also great as it will synergize with your sword and deal a ton of damage to debuffed targets, and every target will be debuffed with the sword. Adrenal Valves will allow you to have adrenaline at all times by massively reducing the cost of certain moves.

The Demon Killer Psyker

This build is perfect for when you are in a mood to take out bosses, and take them out insanely quickly. The Psyker powers that you should be using are the Molten Beam which can target a single enemy.

The skill does more damage as you hold the button to charge it. You should also use the Levitation power so as to be able to move a lot faster than you would be able to otherwise.

Movement is quite important in being able to fall back and since you will be doing a lot of that while fighting bosses, Levitation can be an important skill to have.

Fiery Form is also great as it can allow your abilities to be way more effective and does damage to nearby enemies on its own so as to provide you wave clear.

Lastly, Inferno is used as it is pretty much similar to the last one and stacks on top of it. However, you can replace Inferno with whatever you feel like having. A good example of that will be expanding your survivability to deal with the hordes of enemies prior to the boss.

As for the perks, you can go with Warp heat Diffusion. This is great because it reduces Warp Heat every single time you debuff someone.

As you may have noticed with the skills above, it is important to generate as little Warp heat as possible when using this build and Warp Heat Diffusion will help you with that.

Apart from that, you can use Retrogade as it will be your primary mode of dealing damage. At 0 Warp Heat, you will be able to deal a full 100% extra damage.

This perk will allow you to be at your best when facing the boss as being able to deal twice the damage than you usually deal will definitely be very helpful.

The final perk should be Eternal Warrior which will allow you to basically have a 2nd life. This is a safety precaution and can be incredibly useful for when you make a mistake.

However, you can swap this out with Cull the Weak as that will help you with dealing extra damage to the targets whenever you have a debuff on them, which will be a lot of the times.

As for your Attributes, it is best if you put 6 into your Force and 3 in your Resilience.

Since your primary mode of damage are your abilities and this is a build whose entire purpose is to defeat bosses, 16 Psy Focus will allow you to deal tons more damage than you would normally be able to.

For your inventory, it is important to have Warpbound Armor and Psychic Focus. Apart from that for reasons which are quite obvious.

In your skills, Field Surgery is important since you are standing still most of the time. Generally, put as many points into Hit Points as possible (max it out if you can).

Invigorating Faith is important from Support which will give your health when you go into your fiery form. Castigation and Crippling Blows are perfect from the Debuffs skill tree for the critical chance which stacks and extra suppression damage to targets.

Invest heavy into the Critical tree as you want to be able to hit those strikes and have them deal a lot of damage so as to take out the bosses quickly.

Feeding on Pain is quintessential to reducing the Warp Heat and the other skills will essentially improve your damage output.

Melee Crusader Build

This build will be a lot more versatile than the Assassin melee build and it will be built off of the deflect mechanic, which is essentially another name for dodge.

For your perks, used Burnish Weaponry to have a 100% deflect increase and Feint Mastery to have a Damage Bonus which is equal to your deflect value. The third perk should be up to you and you can decide where you want to go with it.

For your Attributes, it is best to have 14 in Warfare as it will allow you to be more effective in combat. Others are not that important but you can prioritize toughness over Virtue since that will help you with your survivability in combat.

As for your skills, Use Shield Mastery to have better deflects percentage in the defense tree as long as you have a shield. You can also take Skeletal Padding for defense.

Put many points into Close Combat as you will need to make use of your deflection abilities. Go for Riposte so as to have a damage bonus whenever you deflect an attack. Also, take Righteous Fury so as to have more damage when at low health.

For your Physical Attacks, fill up the entire tree as that is quintessential to your kit and will help you deal a lot more damage. In support, take Perpetual Prayer as it will be a nice addition to your focus and you will be able to use a lot more abilities.

Lastly, Shock Stimulus is very important as It gives you 5 Suppression Points on each deflects and combine it with Regenerative Bionics to be able to simultaneously heal yourself. The remaining points can go into whichever way to see fit to survive in combat and defeat enemies up close.

Ranged Crusader

This is a build that can be applied to almost every ranged class. This is another build that will be based on Critical Strikes.

The first perk that you should be using is the Frenzon Dispenser as it gives you a greater critical chance in exchange for less HP. This is a good tradeoff as you are ranged and do not need that much health.

The second perk that is also very important is Utility Harness as it gives you charges and the third one can be whatever you want it to be depending on your preference.

For your attributes, go with exactly what you went into the melee build as there is really no need to change it on the Crusader, they work!

For your skills, get Cortical Pumps in Single DPS as you will be dealing a lot of single target damage. Euphoric Glands will work well on this build as well. Max out your Criticals as you want the Red Thirst for your critical damage.

You can easily kill smaller enemies to get its bonus and then attack the important targets.

Next, move onto the Physical Attack tree and max it out as well since that will be used as your primary mode of damage. As for your weapons, use the Boltgun as it will synergize with your Physical Attack skills.

Next, we move onto the support where it is important to grab Invigorating Faith and then onto Hit Point where Pain Suppression is the most important skill to get due to its ability to give you Suppression points.

The remaining points that you have should go into debuffs as they can help you deal more damage with armor piercing and armor-piercing attacks. If you do have any points left, put them into the skills that you see fit.

Psyker Heaven’s Wrath

First things first, you need to invest most of your points into your force and resilience. So, try to unlock as many Milestones as you can to enhance your+1% Base Damage per Point and +30 HP and Suppression and +1 Warp Resist per Point.

For your boons and perks, use Psychic boon, Force Weapon Mastery and Mind Rift II as they’ll not only increase the duration for your Psychic Power buffs and make your Psychic Weapons more damaging but also give you 75% Damage Bonus in Unhinged Warp Heat State.

For your items, look for anything that increases your heat damage or reduces enemy’s heat resistance.

For that very reason, you should have the following items equipped; Relic Neural Implant, Ancient Relic Eye Implant, Relic Main Implant, Relic Purity Seal, Relic Psychic Focus, Relic Inoculator, Relic Force Rod, Archeotech Relic Force Rod, 2x Ancient Relic Signum.

For your armor, keeping in account your need for extra heat damage, go for Archeotech Relic Light Armor as it shields you quite impressively in case you confront a big group of foes.

One of its most significant features is that if a melee-ranged enemy attacks you, there is chance that a Fabricatus Scatter Field is triggered allowing you to knock everything back.

For your passives, max out the skill trees of Area of Effects, Critical Hits, Damage Over Time, Heat Effects, and Debuffs.

Collectively, this will allow you to make your enemies vulnerable and deal maximum amount of damage. Also, invest points on Psychic Debuffs, Psychic Combat and Movement.

As for your skills, use Firestorm to deal damage to more than 1 target, Fiery Form for the reduced Warp Heat cost of the Power and Divine Shot for boosting the effectiveness of Power.

Cyclone Heavy

If you are looking for a tough build focused on weapons rather than psychic abilities, then this build should be your choice.

For Passives, try to max out the skill trees of the Ranged Combat, Area Effects, Physical Attacks, Critical Hits, Heat Attacks, Debuffs and Movement in order to make your enemies as vulnerable as possible, perform high damaging and quick attacks at a greater range.

For items, you need to focus on damage in general, critical damage, critical hit, shock effect, slowing down effect and damage to shock and slowed enemies as while using this build, you’ll come across a plethora of such enemies.

For this reason, equip Relic Neural Implant, Relic Eye Implant, Ancient Relic Main Implant, Relic Purity Seal, Holy Power Armor, Relic Inoculator, Ancient Relic Signum, Relic Signum and Grav-Gun with the skills of Single Shot, Temporal Anamoly, Gravity Surge and Gravity Implosion.

For your Attributes, it’s best if you have 25 Warfare to make this build more compatible with combat. Toughness is not that important for this build due to its impressive defense ability, same goes for the Virtue. So, Toughness of 11 and Virtue of 5 should do the trick for you.

For Perks, use Adaptive Efficiency for increasing ammo capacity and threshold overheat for the weapons, Keen Fury for enhanced critical damage and Designated Marksman to make ranged weapons more damaging.

That is all we have for our Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr Builds Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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