Injustice 2 Scarecrow Guide – How to Play, Best Combos, Best Builds, Movelist

Injustice 2 Scarecrow Character Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about playing as Scarecrow, his combos, best builds, and more.

Injustice 2 Scarecrow Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about playing as Scarecrow, his combos, best builds, and more. A brilliant psychologist turned super-villain, Scarecrow specializes in chemicals that manipulate fear. His original name is Professor Jonathan Crane.

Scarecrow in Injustice 2 primarily specializes in using Normal(s) to poke his opponents from a safe distance. One important thing to note about his Normal(s) is that they have lengthy Recovery Frames so your opponents can easily punish you if you are not careful enough. Other than this, his Character Power deals DOT and increases his base damage.

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Injustice 2 Scarecrow Character Guide

In Injustice 2 Scarecrow Character Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about playing as Scarecrow.

Injustice 2 Scarecrow Guide

Playing as Scarecrow

His 1, 2, 3 is +2 on-block and is high so you can interrupt it with a low jab. The b + 1, 2 is a low-starting string with good range and you can cancel the initial two hits to start a combo. The b + 2, 2, 1, 3 is a four-hit string that starts mid and includes two low kicks. The third hit is safe and provides you with enough time to start your combo or cancel into special. 2, 2, f + 3 is a good combo ender and positions you at a safe distance.

You can use the f + 2 to knock your opponents into the air to start a combo. However, do note that the attack is not safe on-block but you can go with f + 2, 1 to end the string with a special. Your f + 1, 3 is a slow starter but it covers a ton of range and can be cancelled into a combo. The d + 2 is one of the best anti-air attacks in the game with incredible range. Scarecrow’s f + 3 has arguably the longest range in the game and while it is fairly slow, it is a useful move.

The character’s db + 1 is both a combo-opener and combo-extender. You can also move while moving your chain and cancel it into other attacks. The b, f + 1 is another good combo ender with decent range. His db + 2 can destroy projectiles. The d, u is a teleport that you can use to close the gap but make sure not to overuse it because your opponents can punish you easily.

You can hold the b, f + 2 to keep your opponents confused. Lastly, the db, f + 3 is a grab that you can use in combos. The character’s Character Power lets him produce an aura around him that damages enemies if they are near him. While active, you can attack to fill up a bar on the bottom of the screen. Once filled, you gain access to the Traumatize, which is a stun attack that you can use to punish, start combos, and more.

Overall, Scarecrow is incredible when it comes to Normal Moves but do note that his Normal(s) have long Recovery Frames. While in battle, you need to try to gain access to your Character Power as much as possible in order to punish your opponent, start combos, and increase your base damage potential.

Scarecrow Movelist

Death Spin
Down, Left + Light Attack

Fear Toxin
Down, Left + Heavy Attack

Down, Left, Right + Heavy Attack

Scythe Grab
Left, Right + Light Attack

Toxin Breath
Left, Right + Medium Attack

Scarecrow Best Combos

In this section of the guide, we have detailed some of the best Scarecrow combos that you can use:

  • f +2, db, f +3
  • 2, 2, db, f + 3
  • 1, 2 db + 1, MB
  • f +3, uf +1, 2, 2, db, f + 3
  • f + 3, MB, uf + 1, 2, 2, db, f + 3
  • b + 2, 2, 1, db + 1, MB, uf +3, f + 2, db, f + 3
  • d + 1, db + 1, MB, b + 3, uf + 3, f + 2, 1, db, f +3
  • b + 2, 2, 1, db + 1, MB, uf + 2, f + 2, 1, b, f + 1, MB

Injustice 2 Scarecrow Best Builds

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This is all we have in our Injustice 2 Scarecrow Character Guide. Let us know if you have anything else to add!

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