Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland Easter Egg Guide

The Zombies in Spaceland Easter egg involves several steps, all the way leading to the final boss fight against the alien enemy at the end.

Similar to earlier Zombies Mode iterations in Call of Duty games, there is an elaborative Easter Egg that can be completed in Zombies in Spaceland. Completing the Easter Egg involves multiple steps, including secret items exploration, playing some song tones, and solving some UFO light puzzles, etc.

Although the Easter egg can be done solo, it will be quite difficult for you to get through a couple of steps, such as defending the speakers and playing the specific tunes in order. Now that you have a basic understanding developed, let’s take you through all the Easter egg steps for Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland.

Step #1 – Locating Secret Items

There are three secret items i.e. a radio, a calculator, and an umbrella which you need to find. Do note that these items appear in different locations in different playthroughs. Once you have found all three of these items, you need to head over to the DJ located on the map and give him the items.

Once you have provided the DJ with the items, stay in the area and clear three more waves to receive another item.

Step #2 – Charging the Secret Item

After acquiring the secret item by clearing zombies, head over to places like Bumper Cars, below Coffee Area, Journey in Space, etc. to charge it. You should easily be able to tell that you are in the right area if your screen shakes violently.

Anyway, once you are in the right area, place the item on the floor and eliminate zombies in its vicinity to charge the item. Moreover, you must make sure that you do not let any undead harm the item. In the case of this happening, you will be forced to restart the entire process again.

You must successfully repeat the process three times. Another important thing that you need to do is to look at the UFO over the Ice Mountain and write down the color sequence. You need to do this during the Clown Wave.

Step #3 – Finding the Speaker

Once you have completed the above step three times, return the item to the DJ and clear a few rounds followed by speaking to him once again. Speaking with the DJ should allow you to get a speaker.

After you have acquired a speaker, you need to head over to the Black Hole area which leads to the Pack-a-Punch area. Once you are in the new area, you should be able to find a total of 4 golden platforms. You need to place a speaker on each of the 4 platforms.


Make sure to defend the speakers for a few moments from zombies after placing them on the platforms. If any zombie succeeds in interacting with one of the speakers, you will have to restart the process again.

Step #4 – Playing the Tones in Correct Order

After the previous step, each player in your team must interact with the speaker to play a tone of varying frequencies. You need to play them in such a way that the tones play in ascending order.

Once you have done so, all four players must play the tones at the same time to complete this step. This should cause a UFO to appear in the sky.

Step #5 – UFO Lights Puzzle

To complete this step, you need to note the order in which the lights appear on the UFO. What you need to do is interact with the speakers in such an order that you recreate the exact light sequence on the UFO.

You must be careful and try not to make an error as it will cause a massive zombie to appear on the map. Once you are done with individual sequences, hit the switches at the same time to complete this step.

You will need to complete this step thrice to proceed ahead.

Step #6 – The Alien Boss Battle

Once you have completed the previous step thrice, an alien will spawn on the map. Before we dive into the details of how to defeat the enemy, there are a couple of things that you need to bear in mind.

Before proceeding to the fight, make sure you have the following in your arsenal:

  • Five perks
  • Full gun ammo
  • Full grenade ammo
  • The Shredder Wonder Weapon
  • Enough points to help you buy your items from the Lost & Found once you go down.

Remember that the alien has teleportation ability and can get to literally anywhere in Spaceland Park. You have to keep running around Spaceland Park and avoid getting flanked. The boss will respawn three times, and each time he will lose one of the life-saving fuses in his backpack.

There is no need to waste ammunition when you see the alien at the top of a building. Try to reserve ammo and only shoot when you have him in your sights. Once his HP depletes for the third time, the alien will die, allowing you to get to the final step of the Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland Easter egg.

You can now double PaP your weapons. So, without wasting any time, get to the Pack-a-Punch machine and make your weapons even deadlier.


If you’re playing co-op, each player has to kill an alien separately. So, if there are four players, then you need to take down four aliens to complete this step. 

Step #7 – Boss Battle, the UFO

Once you have dealt with the alien, you will have to go against his UFO/ spaceship. For this battle, I strongly suggest that you do not head too close to the ship because of the ridiculous amount of damage it can dish out.

It is better to stay behind cover, only to come out when you have the opportunity. To complete the second phase, you need to locate a total of x5 blue objects around the ‘Spaceland’ neon sign. You need to shoot at these blue objects with a double Pack-a-Punched weapon to send a laser beam into the sky and tear the ship apart.

Timing is of utmost importance here. You need to time your shots in such a way that the beam directly hits the spaceship, essentially destroying it. Once you are done, dash towards the main portal and acquire a piece of the Soul Key to complete the Easter egg.

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