Infinite Warfare Zombies: Shaolin Shuffle Katana Location

The finest weapon in Shaolin Shuffle comes with a sharp blade and a killer look!

You must have noticed the amazing Katana wielded by Pam Grier in Infinite Warfare’s Shaolin Shuffle. Thankfully, you can unlock it for yourself after doing some workaround in the game. As a kung fu game wouldn’t be complete without a katana, it is pretty much a must-have weapon.

This guide will help players find Pam Grier’s deadly Katana’s location in Shaolin Shuffle and become a deadly zombie slaying machine.

How to Get Katana in Shaolin Shuffle

The Shaolin Shuffle Katana can be found in the Black Cat Dojo, which is located in the uptown section of the game. You can access this area after turning the power on and clearing the 1000-point barrier. 

Unlocking what is undoubtedly the best weapon in the Shaolin Shuffle DLC is not particularly difficult but it does require players to have some knowledge of the map. They should also have made considerable progress through the campaign. 

To unlock the Katana, players need to complete the Easter Egg and then watch the ending cutscene. This will be done after finding the Rats, the pack-a-punch machine, beating the Rat King boss, and many other steps. Once players have done these, either solo or in co-op with other players, the katana can be found and purchased for $10,000 in the Black Cat Dojo.

The Katana can be bought by everyone in the team if you are in a multiplayer setting. Afterward, the Katana’s deadly power can be used in combat as part of a 3-combo attack.

The first two attacks are a regular melee that does a cleave attack, killing multiple zombies in one strike. The third attack is a rechargeable blast of spectral power which wipes out pretty much all the zombies around the player.

Upgrading the Katana

The Katana, like other weapons in the game, can also be upgraded at the Pack-a-Punch station. Players simply need to go up to a station and then upgrade their weapons. Upgrading the Shaolin Shuffle Katana the first time will also unlock the Sliced and Diced achievement for the player in Infinite Warfare.

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