Infinite Warfare: How To Turn On Power In Shaolin Shuffle

Flip all the power switches.

Like every other Zombies DLC in Call of Duty games, the latest offering Shaolin Shuffle also requires players to find and turn on Power switches to progress or access certain areas of the map.

Turning on the power is the first step to progress through any map in the Zombies mode, which is why learning how to do that is so important. If you don’t know where the Shaolin Shuffle power switches are in Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare, this is the perfect place to learn their locations.

How to turn on the power in Shaolin Shuffle

Turning on the power in Shaolin Shuffle is one of the fundamental steps to completing the map. This is because there are many things tied to the map’s power like the Perks that are essential to progress through the higher rounds.


We recommend turning the power on by at least round 10 or 11 because progressing without it to the higher rounds becomes quite difficult.

The power grids aren’t localized in Shaolin Shuffle, so to light up the entire map, players will need to find all four switches and turn them on to fully restore power to the area and complete the DLC content.

Power Switch #1 location

The first power switch is located in the area where players first spawn. The switch is on the left side of the spawn area, on a pillar near the subway car. Once players have turned it on, they can proceed forward through the map towards other switches.

Power Switch #2 location

The second Shaolin Shuffle power switch is near the Rooftops section of the map. To reach this, players will need to exit the subway, go up the stairs, and look for a store on the street called Keeble Geebles.

A left turn next to the building will take players up to the rooftops. Once on the roof, players need to go through the door next to the Racin Stripes vending machine.

This door will lead players to an exit where players need to turn left, head to the metal gate that leads to the stairs, and from there, a right turn will lead the players to the second Power switch. This switch will be on a brick wall right next to the Deadeye Dewdrops Perk Machine.


Turning this power switch on is required to start the Racin’ Stripes Perk Machine.

Power Switch #3 location

The third Power switch is on top of the Inferno Disco building. Once players leave the Subway spawn area, they need to go across the alley and then take the stairs up to the disco room.

Players need to continue to the roof of the building from the disco club where the power switch will be easily visible next to a door with the thunder sign on it. This is right next to the Quickies Perk Machine.


To go to the roof from the disco room, you have to open a locked gate for $1250.

Power Switch #4 location

The last Power switch is on the other side of the Subway spawn area. To get there, players will need to find the subway entrance near the 3rd power switch. Once players enter the subway from this area, they will find the switch in a corner of the tunnel.

The switch is right next to the subway tracks, and turning it on will activate it. Therefore, if you want to cross through the tracks, be careful of the incoming subway train.

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