Infinite Warfare Zombies Shaolin Shuffle Perks Locations Guide

There are 10 perk machines to find.

Perks have always been admired by many players in the Call of Duty franchise. Even in the Shaolin Shuffle map of Infinite Warfare. These Perks are a dire requirement in higher rounds, despite costing a lot of money.

Just like before, each Perk in Shaolin Shuffle must first be located if you want to purchase it. The Perk Machines, or Perk-a-Colas, are spread out throughout the map, but we’ll guide you the way to each of them.

How to get all perks in Shaolin Shuffle

Although the Perks in Infinite Warfare may have come out with new names and effects, they work in pretty much the same way as before. Just like other maps, you have to locate all the Perk machines in Shaolin Shuffle to get your hands on them.


You can even get some Perks for free with the help of special abilities on your weapons.

Up N’ Atoms
This perk is located at the spawn, in the room just across the subway.

Mule Munchies
From the spawn, head inside the Heebie Geebies and exit through the right-hand-side door to find the Perk-a-Cola on your left side.


The door to this area is locked, and you need $1000 to open it.

From the Mule Munchies Perk-a-Cola, head straight toward the blocked staircase and you will find this Perk in a Corner.

Racin’ Stripes
After leaving the spawn area, head up the wooden ramp and cross the scaffolding to find this Shaolin Shuffle Perk – on the other side of the rooftop.

As you approach this Perk Machine initially, it will be locked. You need to turn on its power switch to enable this machine – which is next to the Deadeye Dewdrops Perk machine, as explained later.

Deadeye Dewdrops
From the Racin’ Stripes, head up the stairs right next to the Perk-a-Cola and go through the metal gate. From there, head down into the courtyard and you should be able to find the Perk-a-Cola in plain sight.

The power switch for the Racin’ Stripes Perk is also located in this small area, which is across the lion statue.

This perk is located on the rooftop of the Inferno Disco.

Trail Blazers
The Trail Blazers Perk is located close to the previous one – within the Inferno Disco. This Perk Machine, however, is also locked initially, just like the Racin’ Stripes. The power switch to turn on this Perk Machine is located on the roof, just next to the Quickies Perk.


This power switch turns on the power for the whole building.

Blue Bolts
This Perk-a-Cola is located on the left-hand-side of The Lounge main entrance.

Tuff Nuff
From the main entrance of the Inferno Disco, head down the broken pathway to find this Perk Machine in Infinite Warfare.

Bang Bangs
From the Tuff Nuff Perk-a-Cola, head further down and reach the opposite side of the train tracks to find this one.

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