DICE Looks To Improve Battlefield 2042 Specialists By Season 2

DICE will seek feedback from the Battlefield 2042 community, presumably to find a middle ground between specialists and classes.

Battlefield 2042 introduced specialists to replace the traditional classes, something that fans of the franchise are finding hard to digest to date. While developer DICE has already stated that specialists will not be removed from the game, they will be improved in the near future.

In a new blog post earlier today, global community manager Adam Freeman confirmed that DICE wants to “improve their gameplay” in order to make them “fit into the world of Battlefield 2042.” For that purpose, the developer will seek feedback from the community in the coming weeks, presumably to find a middle ground between specialists and classes.

DICE will soon be sharing a detailed post, similar to the one it did for upcoming map changes, to highlight how specialists can be bettered in Battlefield 2042. The developer will start from there and make changes based on feedback.

That being said, players should not expect specialists to be updated any time soon. DICE plans to roll out its map changes for Kaleidoscope and Renewal for the first season with the other maps getting updated through the same process by the second season.

Battlefield 2042 will be hosting its delayed, first season somewhere in the summer. With the developer having its hands full with the upcoming Kaleidoscope and Renewal changes, any potential changes to specialists will likely not come before the second season.

Furthermore, it is entirely possible that DICE goes forward on a specialist-by-specialist basis, meaning that only some specialists will be updated first with the remaining ones following later on just like how DICE is treating the maps.

Specialists were largely criticized at launch because players found it nearly impossible to tell them apart. Classes made it easier not just in terms of skins but also that they were designed for unique roles.

Specialists however are not. They give players more freedom to take on more roles but as already stated, can become a mess when it comes to identifying which player can grant you supplies and which cannot.

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