Immortals Fenyx Rising Mastering Phosphor’s Clone Vault Walkthrough

There are many vaults dotted throughout the map of Immortals Fenyx Rising that you can go to and solve puzzles to get extra collectibles. This Immortals Fenyx Rising guide covers the Mastering Phosphor’s Clone Vault quest that you can start at the Palace of Aphrodite.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Mastering Phosphor’s Clone Vault

As mentioned above, you will start the puzzle at the Palace of Aphrodite, use a block and the clone to open the rift, and get inside to enter the Mastering Phosphor’s Clone Vault.

Start by taking a left at first and getting a wooden block down from the raised platform by activating the left switch.

Then get that block to the opposite side of the area and use to activate two switches on this side, one with block and one with Phosphor’s clone. The door in front will be accessible, and from here, you will get a stone ball.

Roll that ball down the narrow path left from those two switches and place it in its right place to open your way up with three raised platforms. Jump to the platform in front and activate another switch to get a new block.

Get that block to the next switch from the door to the right.

Place it on the next switch along with the clone to get the platform to lower and then get on the platform and remove the clone to go up.

Activate the switch ahead to get a new stone ball. Now from here, you will have to go to two different paths.

The first one is right ahead and another one on your left. First, fly right ahead and you will see two switches on your right and two at a distance on your left.

Ignore that for now and go straight to another platform ahead of the narrow path and activate the switch to open the door and get another stone block from there to help you on the switches.

Now use that stone block and the clone to activate the switches on your right and get to the lower platform and get another block from above.

You now have two blocks and a clone to help you solve the puzzle and to make way for the stone ball.

Now you will see two step by step raised platforms in the middle, go up there, and find another switch that can be activated by two blocks or one block and the clone. Activate it, and you will see three platforms move and make way for that stone ball to roll.

Get that stone ball to the path that is to the right side and go through the narrow paths and throw the ball down to place it right and then you will unlock your first objective chest. Your first chest will be the “Shade of Tartaros Helmet.”

Next, get another stone ball and, this time, roll it straight from the moving platforms to its right place and then activate the three platforms in the air to get to the final area of the quest.

Here you will find one chest to your left with “Coins of Charon” and one chest in the center with “Zeus’s Lightning.”

This marks the end of the “Mastering Phosphor’s Clone” vault in the Immortals Fenyx Rising.