Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips and Tricks

Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising’s new open world introduces players to vibrant, colorful and rich new activities. We’re here to help you with a few Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips and Tricks that should help you master the threatening world that the game has to offer.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips and Tricks

You’ll find that the new open world Ubisoft game takes a lot of inspiration from Zelda: Breath of the Wild and even from Assassin’s Creed when it comes to combat.

In order to traverse the dangerous lands of the game, you’re going to want to know a few basic fundamentals before getting started in order to increase your chances of survival and save some time.


Knowing your button inputs can really help you gain the edge in combat against an opponent. Wasting movement can lead to disastrous outcomes in high-stakes situations.

Combat’s definitely a bit similar to past Assassin’s Creed games, mixed with Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

To really excel in combat, you need to learn how to parry and dodge your enemy attacks. Getting hit is going to completely throw you off sometimes and may just result in you getting killed. Avoiding any sort of incoming damage is the number one priority.

Godly Powers

Don’t forget about getting these extremely useful abilities for yourself from the Hall of Gods once you reach that part of the story.

You can get the following Powers for yourself at the cost of Coins of Charon from the Hall of Gods.

  • Athena’s Dash
  • Hephaistos’ Hammer
  • Apollo’s Arrows
  • Ares’ Wrath
  • Herakles’ Strength

Check out our detailed guide regarding each Godly Power!

Shielded Enemies

Try to take out shielded enemies through alternative means. Conventional methods will see them tanking damage and be extremely ineffective in shaking them off-balance.

We recommend using Godly Powers or attacking for above to catch them off-guard.

Weapon Upgrades

As you progress further towards the end-game, your older gear is going to start becoming more and more irrelevant with every mission you complete.

To make sure your favorite gear set-up remains viable, you have to make sure to upgrade it every now and then at the Hall of Gods.

The cool thing is that you’re upgrading your gear type, instead of one piece.

This makes it easier to switch gear along the way without having to worry about focusing on upgrades for every gear-piece.


Combat can be tricky, and getting hit may sometimes bring you into a dangerous situation. Having pomegranates by your side will help you to get back into combat by healing up on the spot.

You can find a number of these scattered around the world in either the form of baskets or around various points of interest.


Time your dodges correctly to attack vulnerable enemies from another angle and deal continuous and a hefty amount of damage.


Parries, however, are definitely more rewarding. Holding down both of your triggers at the same time will allow you to respond in an extremely powerful way that will often break an enemy’s shield guard and/or deflect projectiles.

Mobility and Health

Having a large stamina pool really helps with most situations in this game, and acquiring a little bit of extra health really pays off in the long run.

Far Sight

Far Sight is essentially Immortals’ version of Assassin’s Creed’s top-of-the-tower synchronization.

When you climb onto one of the four statues of the map, you can use Far Sight to examine any points of interest below you in the area. Locate any important items and go hunting!

Stick to the Ground

Try to avoid gliding or staying in the air. The view is gorgeous, but it really makes you skip a lot of content found on the ground.

When you use a horse or walk to another location, you are able to take in a lot more activities and random missions.

Ambrosia and Tartarus Vaults

Increasing your Stamina and Health is a bit of a nifty, although an interesting process. Within a new area, climb the God statue and survey the area for any items of interest.

Track down Ambrosias and Tartarus Vaults. Ambrosias will reward you with an increased amount of Health, while the Vaults will increase your Stamina.


If you want to explore the world at a faster pace, then you’ll definitely need a horse by your side.

You can find a number of horses by the Eternal Springs area. Sneak up on one of them and press Y/Triangle to get a ride. You can then continue to call your ride whenever you want!

Stamina Tips

To increase the amount of Stamina you have in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you can utilize the Bench of Zeus located in the Hall of the Gods or simply equip the Valor of the Soldier breastplate.

The breastplate can be easily found by heading to the top of the observatory in Clashing Rocks.

You can also try and keep your Stamina up by using Stamina Potions or Blue Mushrooms.

Swimming Tips

Swimming through a large body of water can definitely be a hassle and inefficient. To make movement easier, you can try and unlock the Swim Dash Skill at the Hall of the Gods.

Once you unlock the skill, you will be able to use the dodge button to dash while either being underwater or above water.

Climbing Tips

Verticality can be quite the annoyance when your character crawls up extremely slowly.

The first thing you can do is jumping off the cliffside and then double jumping to cover some extra distance. You’ll burn through a lot of your Stamina however.

The alternative is to get the Climb Leap Skill from the Hall of the Gods which will allow you to climb faster and consume even lesser stamina in the process.

Take a Detour with Side-Quests!

After you’ve accessed the Hall of the Gods, you will be instantly be rewarded with multiple options; one of which is the ability to use a bulletin board on one of the pillars which will allow you to do side-quests.

You’ll be able to gather yourself some extra money doing a few of these contracts, and get yourself something fancy in the process. Interesting, ehh?


Getting into combat with your sword and your will may not be the wisest option at times. To really boost your performance, you are going to want to brew a few potions for your journey.

There isn’t a lot of variety in the potion department. To get yourself stocked up, try to use the ability that gathers all nearby herbs when you try to pick something up.

You will easily be able to accumulate key ingredients like pomegranates, mushrooms etc.

Once you have the desired items, head to a potion mixing station and start concocting the potion for your needs!

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