Immortals Fenyx Rising Ares’s Trial of Mystery Guide

In this guide for A New God, the latest DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising, we will discuss the complete walkthrough of Ares’s Trial of Mystery. We will discuss the whole quest step and step and tell you what to do to complete the quest as quickly as possible. Let’s get started!

Immortals Fenyx Rising Ares’s Trial of Mystery

After entering, run straight forward and use the console to spawn a block. Drag it and throw it to the flowing beams. It will stick there.

Fly to the block and grab the other block that comes out of the portal. Throw this block ahead into the beam and fly on to it. Shoot the target on the left and the block will float ahead.

Shoot the eagle and grab the block to throw it towards the next stream. Fly to it and then jump at the next platform.

Run across to the other end and turn right to the area with the red tree. Chop down the trees and you will see a console.

Interact with the console and a clock will spawn. Climb on the block and perform the upward spear’s attack to make the block rise until it gets to the level of the platform up ahead.

Place it on the anvil marked trigger there. The gate will open, giving you a chest.

Go back down to the platform ahead and spawn a block to throw to the beam in the front. Take the other block and throw it at the beam on the left.

Pull the previous block and throw it on the beam on the left again. Now pull the block and do the same thing again.

Hit the trigger with an arrow and the block will float ahead. Be careful of the lasers. Hit the triggers again and make the block move to the left.

Jump through the opening on the left. Take a block and throw it at the beam on the right.

It is the same drill again climb on the block. Hit the trigger, make it move and then alternatively pull the blocks and go right.

Hit the target the block will float on the other end. The block will keep going through the wall. Use the other block to complete this course and save yourself from the lasers.

Place the block on the trigger and go through the open gate.

Boss fight
Use the spear attack and it would be easy enough to do. The spear attack will stun and then you can lay in some quick or heavy hits to finish him. Once he is defeated, move on to the next platform.

Walk into the lit-up circle and Ares will reward you.

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