How to Respec and Reset Talents in Icarus

Icarus, the latest survival game from Dean Hall, allows players to invest skill and talent points in different talent trees. If you have made the wrong choice in your talent investment and are wondering how to reset talents, we will explain how to respec in Icarus.

Icarus Talents and Skills

Icarus is the newly released 8-player COOP game where players are dropped on an unknown planet where they have to loot, hunt, and build for survival. Players can grind and unlock new skills and talents via the games Talent Tree.

Talents in Icarus are categorized into different types in the Talent Tree. You can focus on skills like cooking, crafting, or hunting based on your playstyle.

You need to perform the activity or task whose talents you want to unlock and, in some cases, you will need to complete a few prerequisites to gain access to a specific talent.

One such example would be the crafting bench which is needed if you want to unlock other wood blueprints. We suggest focusing on one talent at a time so you can grind it efficiently.

How to Respec Talents in Icarus

There’s a chance that players might get overwhelmed by the number of talent choices available to them and might end up dumping their points in the wrong skills. To counter that, most games allow you to respec your talent in one way or another.

Unfortunately, you cannot reset your Talents and skills in Icarus as of right now but we are hoping to see it being added to the game sometime later. This has been a highly requested feature on the game’s Reddit and hopefully, the devs will deliver on it soon.

If you are unhappy with your character and its talents then the only way to respec is by creating a new character and leveling it up from scratch.

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