How to Build a Shelter in Icarus

Icarus puts players in various harsh environments where they have to gather resources to survive. Shelters are the key to surviving the harsh biomes and storing resources and in this guide, we will show you how to build a shelter in Icarus.

Icarus Shelters

The weather and wildlife in Icarus are ruthless and if you don’t have a well-built shelter to ride these storms out then you are in big trouble. We will teach you how to build a proper Shelter in Icarus and its usefulness.

Like other survival games, Exposure to strong weather conditions like storms and rain affects your character’s stats.

The more you are exposed to the environment, the faster your Exposure bar increases in Icarus. As the Exposure bar increases, you slowly lose stamina and your movement slows down.

Once you fully run out of stamina, your character will lose health. Lose enough health and your character will die.

You can either build huge outpost-like shelters with many floors and rooms. Alternatively, you can create a basic shelter that just about gets the job done.

To make such a shelter, you need to put up at least 6 wooden walls. Then add a bunch of rooftop blueprints. Creativity is key here and you can tweak your shelter and add doors and windows however you see fit.

You can build different shelters depending on the type and number of resources you use.

How to Build a Shelter in Icarus

Before you can start building the perfect shelter, you need to unlock a few of these blueprints:

  • Wood Beam: Beams are required to unlock the other wood blueprints.  
  • Wood Floor / Ramp / Wall / Roof: You need 12x Fiber and 20x Wood as well as 1 tech point to unlock each of these blueprints.
  • Wood Door: You need 8x Fiber and 10x Wood to unlock this blueprint.

Outposts are good if you want to stay in one place for a long time and build it slowly at a grand scale. Meanwhile smaller shelters are great for day-to-day needs and if you are a nomadic player.

Do note that dismantling a structure will return the materials to your inventory but if you destroy it, only some of the materials will return to your inventory while the rest gets destroyed.

Any structures you build will also face wear and tear that you need to repair after a while. To do that you need the Wooden Repair Hammer which costs 10x Fiber, 4x Stick, and 8x Stone.

How to Use Shelters as Spawn Points

If you put bedrolls near walls inside your shelter, the game thinks that this is a safe house and creates a spawn point for you in case you die. This way you can spawn back inside your shelter even if you die while exploring the world.

You cannot sleep on these beds, however. You need to build campfires to sleep in Icarus. Be careful as campfires tend to burn the wooden structures around them. It is best to build a campfire outside your shelter.

Dismantling Shelters

If you want to move around the planet in Icarus and stay safe from all the harsh conditions, it is best to dismantle your remote shelter and keep the materials in your inventory in case you need to deploy them again.

You can also find natural shelters like caves and massive arching rocks that offer enough cover to keep you safe from Exposure.

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