How to Level Up Fast in Icarus

In Icarus, leveling up your character is quite important, as the crafting tiers in the game unlock when you reach higher levels. The higher the tier, the higher level it will require in order to be unlocked. In this guide, we’ll show you how to Level Up Fast in Icarus.

How to Level Up Fast in Icarus

In Icarus, XP is gained from almost everything you do. From picking up branches and bushes, killing animals, and crafting, all the different tasks and activities you do in Icarus will help you gain some amount of XP.

However, not everything provides that much XP. If you are looking to gain XP fast, your aim should be to focus on those activities which will provide the most XP, so that you can level up fast.

Once you’ve built a shelter and settled in, it’s time to get started with survival. For your ease, we have listed different activities you should focus on in order to level up quickly in Icarus.

Icarus XP Farming

Cutting Down Trees

In Icarus, cutting down a tree will net you 300 XP. This is a really good method to gain XP fast. You can continue cutting the logs into smaller pieces of wood once the tree is cut down from its stump for an additional 100 XP for each segment.

In order to chop trees, you will need an axe. You can craft a Stone Axe from the get-go. You will need 8 stones, 4 sticks, and 10 fibers to craft the axe and start cutting down trees for XP.

Mining Ore

Just like cutting down trees, mining ore is a good way to gain some early levels. You can mine oxite ore to get up to level 5 really fast.

Creating and Deconstructing Items

Another way to gain XP in Icarus is by creating items, and then dismantling them. You can use the wood you chop to craft different items for XP.

Items such as Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Wooden Beam, and Wooden Ramps can be created from wood and fibers.

After creating these items, you can dismantle them at any time and then destroy the remains to gain some materials used as well as XP. It is a really great method to get XP at the start of the game.

Killing Wild Animals

Another way to gain XP and levels fast in Icarus is by luring and killing wild animals. The best method to kill animals is using a bow and arrow. In order to kill animals, you will need to craft a wood bow and some type of arrows.

The best method to farm XP through killing animals is by leaving a dead animal in the open in order to attract wolves. Then kill these wolves as well to gain lots of XP in a single spot.

Killing wolves will award you with 1600-2000 XP. This is really good XP, and you’ll receive meat and other items from its carcass as well.

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