Human Fall Flat Walkthrough

This Human Fall Flat Walkthrough Guide will tell you all about the game and how you can easily move past the areas where you get stuck and are somehow unable to find out how you can move on.

Human Fall Flat game has a lot of interesting and intriguing puzzles which have made the game quite a bit of a cult hit. A lot of people are trying to finish the game but are reportedly unable to get past a certain phase due to the underlying complexity that embodies the game.

Human Fall Flat Walkthrough

The first level of the game will be a tutorial which will tell you about how to play the game. Clear the tutorial as it will not be that difficult to find yourself in a derelict train station.

Move the obstacles out of the way and jump between the train cars to head through the door. This door will take you to the next level of the game.

Mansion Level Walkthrough

At the start of the first level, you will get two achievements by rubber banding or holding your controller still for a while. Go upstairs and through doors, then again upstairs, jump through the gap and get second achievement.

In the next area after jumping, you will see a statue of yourself, go upstairs from either left or right and climb so that you are right behind the face of statue.

Then repeat the activity by jumping down and climbing up again and this time you will see a door, press both the buttons with our arms and door will open, just walk through it. Now, the next level.

Train Level Walkthrough
Here in the new level, you will need to put boxes on the switches to ensure that the doors stay open. Get past the first elevator and move the train car to the right side in the second room to bring the box up by using the elevator. Place the box on the train and move it to the left to open the door. Now walk through it to enter the Canyon level.

Canyon Level Walkthrough
All you have to do is to climb up the rocks and the platforms. Once at the top, drag the train to the ledge and climb up. Then use the rope to swing to the opposite area and climb the cliff to move to the Construction Level.

Construction Level Walkthrough
In this stage, smash the wall and grab the extinguisher. Now use it to break the glass and get out. Now move through the debris and use the wrecking ball for going to the other side. Use the same ball to break the wall on the right side of the crane.

Now jump there and use the lever to make a platform. Then break the glass to switch open the next-door prior to pulling the beams from underneath the platform until it becomes a ramp.

Keep the door open using one of the beams and move to the next room. Get to the top and open the door. Next, use a boulder to smash the wall and do the puzzles until you are in the glass floor room.

Now use the red plank on the forklift to get to the top of the platform. Then drop the yellow beam to break the glass. Now open the door by flipping the lever to get to the next level.

Castle Level Walkthrough
Use the plank to wedge the broken lock in the bars and then use the catapult to break down the castle walls. Now move inside and push the cart with the stone block to the stairs.

Climb up and hop on to take the stone with you. Get to the top of the roof and then use the lanterns to get to the other side. Open the door and drag the cart to the planks.

Now move to the segment with the hook and use it to get to the other side. Use the same hook to pull down the plank which will create a ramp. Now go to the top and climb the wall.

Now move across the bridge before you swing using a lantern. Now use the windmill to go to the next island. Then go to the top and uncover the hole.

When you fall down the hole, climb up the rocks and push the boulder down to knock a ledge for you to climb up. The platform on to the next area and catapult yourself to the bridge.

Then hang onto the bridge so it drags down before you use the catapult to shoot yourself through the small hole in the gate.

Water Level Walkthrough
Get to the speedboat on the island and then go to the top of the mountain. Use the lever to lift it up and attach the chain which is attached to the dam to the lift.

Now press the lever again so the dam will break apart and you can use the raft to get down the mountain. Activate the windmill and then get inside the speedboat to go to the last level.

Power Plant Level Walkthrough
Plug the cords from the first room in their sockets in the second room. Then plug the battery cords in the third room. Now unplug the battery and take it to the fourth room.

Push it onto the switch to open the door. Now climb up the wall and jump on the platform. Now use the box to open the door.

In the next room, use the forklift to raise the door. Climb over the wall to skip a large part of the game. Then drive the truck to the second Power Plant’s back lot. Use the torch found near the thriller pillars to light the three tanks which have the coal.

You are almost done now, go back to the coal line and fill the dump truck with coal. Take it back to the three tanks and fill them up until they overload.

This will power up the fans inside of the pillars which will blast you to the top of the pillars. Now jump across the pillars until you get to the final one. Move inside this pillar to end the game for good.

Aztec Level Walkthrough
You will see two poles towards your back, pick one up and place it horizontally in front of the slab and pick other up and place that on top of first one but in other direction.

Jump on the end of the pole and you will get a way to cross the bridge. Carry one wooden pole with you and place it inside the hole in the door ahead and open the door.

Get on the right cage through ledges and first jump on the right cage and when it gets lower, quickly jump to the left cage and then jump ahead. Climb the tree ahead and walk straight, jump where there is a green field in distance, then walk across the field until you reach trees again.

Jump the foliage and walk left and climb more foliage and keep climbing until your reach the top, get inside the nest to get ‘Bird’s Eye View’.

Turn towards Aztec temple and jump to the field below, go to upper part of temple and through a hole and you will unlock ‘The End’.

Dark Level Walkthrough
Welcome to the longest level of the game, but very simple indeed. One achievement is to not touch any plank and, due to a known glitch, you also have to stay clear of the doors so when doors are mentioned, make sure to stay away from them to get that achievement.

You are in a room, stay away from the door and use the crate to climb out of the window. Jump to get to the stone that is sticking out of wall, get the axe and climb the wall all the way up and down again.

Go right now and use the axe on the tree ahead by swinging it with both hands, use it to create a bridge to get to the other side.

Throw rocks in the basket ahead to pull the grate up from the well and then get inside.

Climb up the clock tower in 40 seconds, completing this will get you ‘Tick Tock’. Now get in the clock room and turn the clock anti clockwise as much as possible and bell will ring and its piece will fall. Go down and get the piece and bring it to the start point of the tower.

Now again climb the stairs but this time turn from the grassy ledge and into the cave. Go ahead and clear the way from boulders.

Get the minecart and also get a piece of coal, get to central area and use coal to light up furnace with a torch. Get piece of bell and make a key. Use it to unlock the gate behind furnace. Climb grassy ledges and use minecart to roll down and throw it out of fence. Use the wooden beams to swing and get to the grassy ledges.

Get in the house next to wheel machine, one battery is next to stone wall on first floor. Climb the wall using crates and get the second battery as well. There are charging slots to the right of giant machine to charge the batteries, charge those batteries here.

After batteries are charged, go to the way from where we came and aign the batteries in the correct slots in the elevator ahead. When elevator is light up, hop in.

Basically, you have to go up as much as you can and at the end when you go flying, you will get the achievement ‘Fry me to the Moon’. At the end of the level you will get ‘It’s Alive’ and when you don’t use any planks you will get ‘Planks? No Thanks’.

Steam Level Walkthrough
Use metal seesaw at the start of the level to get a pipe from truck and use it to get the pipeline extended from underground. Open the gate and get to the next area.

Use seesaw and push the barrel to yellow marks, garb the seesaw and use it to knock down the blue pipe, get the pipe and use it to connect the pipeline near red platform. Use the lever and go through the opening.

Use seesaw in the next area to make a bridge, jump the platform up from bridge and get a plank and throw it inside the boiler.

Use this plank to power the gate and use the red lever and go through the gate. Get the plank aligned with edge of the platform and push it down below. Use plank to catch the red barrel, and push it against the wall and climb up the ledge on your right.

You will get ‘Whoops!’ achievement when the ladder falls down. The other ones ‘Walk the Plank’, ‘Get Dizzy’ and ‘Under Pressure’ as you get to the end.

Ice Level Walkthrough
You will get the achievement ‘No Ice Ice Baby’ as you climb and reach the top of the snowboarding hill. Ahead, everything is just planned and straightforward so it will be easy. The next one is ‘tricky’ which you will get for safely jumping over the gap while snowboarding down the hill.

Then the next three achievements ‘Taking the Piste’, ‘Avalanche’ and ‘Speedrun’ are very straight forward.

Thermal Level Walkthrough
First achievement is as the name suggests ‘Hook, Line and Jumper’, which you will get as you make your way through gaps and reaching a checkpoint. Next achievements ‘Amped and Wrapped up’ are easy and straight forward. And after completing both of these if you have gold bar with you, you will also get ‘Payday’.

Then at the end of the level you will get the last achievement ‘Adventurer’ and congratulations, it is the end of your journey.

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