How to Use Wishbone in Valheim

If you’re trying to figure out how to use the Wishbone in Valheim, then we’ve got you covered with this guide where we’ll be showing you what the Wishbone does and how you can use it.

How to Use Wishbone in Valheim

If you defeat the boss named ‘Bonemass‘ in Valheim, you’ll acquire an item called a ‘Wishbone.’

This is a very important item in the game as it’ll help you find some hidden secrets and treasures and allow you to find silver ore, which will help you progress quicker in the game.

However, using this item may be confusing as the game doesn’t really explain how it works.

To help you out with that, this guide will be showing you exactly how you can use the Wishbone.

How to Find Hidden Secrets and Treasures

Hidden secrets and treasures are present all around the vast world of Valheim. Most of these happen to be underground.

If you have the Wishbone equipped, you’ll see a very unique animation play around the character when you’re near a secret.

Green and blue wisps will float around your character and you’ll also hear an audible whistling sound. The frequency of the sound will indicate how close you are to the treasure.

The closer you are to the treasure, the greater the frequency of the sound will be.

Since most of the treasures and secrets lie beneath the surface, you’ll need to have a pickaxe on hand to get them.

When you dig down towards the source, you’ll find a chest containing the treasures and secrets.

The treasures found inside this chest can be traded to get more gold or used to increase your weight cap or buy other items.

So, you should definitely find the treasure whenever you see the animation since you can get some pretty nifty rewards.

How to Find Silver Ore Using Wishbone

Finding silver ore is extremely difficult in Valheim. In fact, it’s practically impossible to find it without a Wishbone.

To find silver ore, equip the Wishbone and travel to a Mountain biome. Since these biomes are freezing cold, you’ll have to craft a cape and several frost resistance meads to be safe while you’re finding the silver ore.

When you’re near a silver ore, you’ll see the same animation and hear the same sound that you do when you find a treasure chest. Your character will get surrounded by green and blue wisps and you’ll hear the whistle sound.

The silver ore will also be underground, so you’ll need a pickaxe or two to get it.

Do note that it’s not guaranteed to be silver ore. It might just be buried Viking treasure; but you’ll find silver ore eventually, so keep searching,