Valheim Bonemass Boss Guide

In our Valheim Bonemass Boss Fight guide, we will teach you how to summon the boss and what to expect during the boss fight to help you overcome the hurdle.

Bonemass is the third boss that you will face in Valheim, and much like any other boss, he will require you to come fully prepared for the fight. But, you don’t have to worry about this as this guide has got you covered.

Valheim Bonemass Boss Fight

Bonemass is the final boss of the Swamp biome that you have to defeat to progress any further. Bonemass shoots poisonous blobs that deal damage to you over time if you get hit by them. He also spawns skeletons during the boss fight.

Like any other boss in Valheim, you will have to find and summon the boss first before you can engage in a fight.

How to Find and Summon Bonemass

To find Bonemass, you have to look for the Vegvisir stones in the Swamp biome. Finding the stones will mark the location of Bonemass on your map.

The next thing you have to do is to get 10 Withered Bones to summon Bonemass. You can find these bones around the Swams in Sunken Crypts.

How to Defeat Bonemass

After summoning Bonemass, the boss fight will begin. Before you get any further into the fight, make yourself some Poison Resistance Meads and Blunt arrows, along with a campfire where you can retreat to and heal.

Bonemass can resist every type of attack other than Blunt and Frost Arrows.

Frost Arrows will prove very beneficial for you in this fight. You can deal a healthy amount of damage with the Frost Arrows and keep your distance from him.

You can get the Frost Arrows by finding Frost Glands and combining them with feathers, obsidian, and wood. Frost Glands are dropped by Flying Drakes that you can find in the Mountain Biome.

You can also craft either the Stagebreaker Hammer or the Iron Sledge if you want to get into a melee fight with the boss.

This method is a little bit harder than shooting arrows at him from far away. When he spawns his minions, get rid of them before you engage with Bonemass again.

Use the Poison Resistance potions that you made earlier to cancel the effect of his poisonous attacks by half. When your health gets too low, retreat and heal yourself. Do not go much farther from the boss because if you do, any damage that you’ve dealt on him will reset.

Build a small base where the boss cannot reach you and shoot Frost Arrows at him from there or trade blows with him by engaging in a melee fight. Use the method that suits you the most and follow the strategies listed above.

When you have defeated Bonemass, you will get a new item called the Wishbone. You can use the Wishbone to reveal different chests and ores found in the Swamp biome. You can also farm Silvers with the help of the Wishbone.

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