How to Use Pressure Plate in ARK Genesis

The Pressure Plate is one of the new structures that you are capable of building in Ark Genesis. This guide will show you how to use Pressure Plate in ARK Genesis Part 1.

How to Use Pressure Plate in ARK Genesis

The purpose of the Pressure Plate, as you can imagine, is to trigger different devices to activate or de-activate once you stand on it.

There are many things to Pressure Plate that you need to know like crafting and crafting requirements.

You can use the Pressure Plate once you stand on it. As described earlier, the major purpose or major use of the Pressure Plate is to trigger different devices to activate or de-activate.

So once you stand on the Pressure Plate, you can have the Context Wheel opened.

Before anything else, you will need to set a requisite Pin number on the Pressure Plate. On the top of the wheel is the Show Pin Broadcast range. Toggling it on shows you a green glowing area.

This is basically the whole area that the pressure plate can activate or de-activate if something stands on the pressure plate.

In order to activate an object, you need to go to that object’s contacts wheel and set a pin number for that specific object.

There is also an On Trap Activated tab in which there are five different selections. All of these options can be used in a pretty resulting way.

Like the Broadcast De-activate Structure sets toggles anything on or off for the first time something stands on it, and then the thing remains in the same state even if the thing repeatedly stands on it again. So it can be used as a very nice trap if linked with a door.

So basically, the main use of the Pressure Plate is to create traps for different kinds of animals or enemies. However, do note that very large animals do not trigger the pressure plate and break the whole thing up.

How to Craft the Pressure Plate

In order to craft the pressure plate, you need to have the following things collected first:

  • Cementing paste fiber
  • Thatch
  • Wood

Once you have all three of the mentioned items, you need to go to your engrams and make sure that your Genesis engrams are selected.

At Level 12, you will see that you can Research the Pressure Plate if you have the above-mentioned items which are needed to manufacture the Pressure Plate.

It can be placed on either foundation or just on the ground. Once you have placed it, it’s all set!