ARK: Genesis Structures Guide

Structures in the ARK have many functions, the important one being the helping hand for you and getting you to the areas of the game where you might not be able to reach otherwise. There are a lot of structures in the game with different types, here we have the newly added ARK Genesis structures for you, explained.

ARK: Genesis Structures

There are quite a few new structures added to the game with the new DLC Genesis and here is the full list of these new structures you can build and their uses.

Metal Ocean Platform
There are two types of ocean platforms, one is wooden and the other is metal. Wooden one requires less items and can be built at level 25 while the metal one here is the bigger and better one that you can build at level 53.

In order to place the platform in the water, make sure that the water is fairly deep and the area is not in the mission region.

Wood Ocean Platform
As mentioned above, there are two types of platforms. One metal and other one wood, the wood platform is smaller in size and requires lots of wood but not much else to build.

It is easier to get in smaller water places so if you have a limited area then this is an easier and better option.

Tek Jump Pad
As the name implies, this is a jump pad that can be placed anywhere with enough space to accommodate it and then can be used for jumping to high platforms that otherwise are not accessible.

They can also be used to launch the creatures in the air as well. It can be configured to launch the survivor or creatures in the air at different angles and directions.

Tek Pressure Plate
Well as the name is telling you, the Tek Pressure plate that can detect pressure so it can be placed at strategic points to detect survivors and creatures when they come onto the plate. It can also be used to activate pin-coded structures.

Tek Sensor
This is a tripod standing structure that can be placed at strategic places just like pressure plates and it will detect survivors and creatures in a certain radius by throwing a laser beam and detecting the motion and can also be used to activate pin-coded structures.

Unassembled TEK Hover Skiff
This is a newly added structure that is a mean of transport and can easily cover great distances with its hover and flying modes.

It uses element as a source of propelling energy and can fly around the map with flat surface even carrying small to medium creatures like Quetzal.