How to Upgrade Armor and Weapons in Code Vein

Code Vein is an action RPG, and one of the core tenets of practically all RPGs is the fact that you can upgrade yourself, your weapons, or other items such as your armor. Code Vein, naturally, is no different. Being a SoulsBorne-styled game, it, of course, has a fairly intricate system of upgrading weapons and armor in your possession.

Upgrade Weapons and Armor in Code Vein

This Code Vein Upgrades Guide will help you in understanding how upgrading in this game works.

You’re granted the ability to upgrade your armor and weapons once you’ve completed the tutorial level and have made it to Home Base.

You should note that the term for armor is ‘Blood Veil’, so don’t be confused when you don’t see any option for armor upgrades anywhere. Blood Veil is the term you’re looking for!

Once you’re at Home Base, you must go talk to Rin Murasame, one of the merchants you go to whenever you need supplies or need to upgrade your various objects. She’ll always be around to help out… for a price, of course.

Once you interact with her, you’ll be presented with the option to ‘Upgrade Equipment’, then you’ll see a display of contents, showing you what you have and what it takes to upgrade it. Once something has been upgraded, it will reflect the change.

For example, the first time you upgrade it a ‘+2’ will appear next to the gear in question, showing that it’s now twice as powerful.

There is an upper limit to all your Blood Veils and weaponry, so you can actually make it a personal goal to upgrade everything in your arsenal, although that would take a large amount of time and effort. It might be worth it though.

You should know, however, that you can’t just upgrade all your equipment willy-nilly.

Collecting Upgrade Materials
You need to go out into the world and collect all the required material needed to upgrade your gear. The materials needed for upgrades in Code Vein includes Queen’s Iron, Queen’s Steel, and Queen’s Titanium.

Queen’s Iron is actually quite commonplace and you’ll gather a lot of it by just beating random grunts.

However, due to its ubiquity, it’s not exactly valuable, definitely useful for early upgrades but to really take yourself to the next level, Queen’s Steel and Titanium is what you’ll need.

Queen’s Steel becomes a bit more commonplace once you’ve entered the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. Enemies begin to drop the material more often. Queen’s Titanium is far rarer and you won’t gain access to it until much later in Code Vein.

If you find yourself coming up short and need just a bit more to get that upgrade, you can go to Coco at Home Base, who sells a limited supply of all these materials.

Alongside these materials, you also need to collect and spend Haze, which is essentially the currency of this world. Certain Code Vein upgrades will cost a fair bit of Haze so be sure to collect as much as possible before heading over to Murasame.

Upgrading your gear will significantly improve any draining attacks. If you do not use Gifts that fall under the Light or Dark categories, then it’s recommended you focus on upgrading your weapons before upgrading your Blood Veils.

If you specialize in the techniques available to you via the Caster Blood Code, then upgrading your Blood Veils will significantly boost stats across the board.

Just keep the above stuff in mind and upgrading shouldn’t prove to be a problem for you at all!

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