Black Ops 2: How To Unlock Trapped In Time Trophy In Mob Of The Dead

Turn on all the traps in Mob of the Dead.

Trapped in Time is a quirky little trophy/achievement that players can earn in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 zombies. Acquiring the trophy is fairly easy but requires players to work their way around the Mob of the Dead map.

How to get the Trapped in Time trophy in Mob of the Dead

To acquire this trophy, players must turn on all three traps around Alcatraz Island before reaching round 10. The traps include the Fan Trap found outside of the Warden’s office, The Acid Trap in the Cafeteria, and the upgraded Sniper Tower trap in the docks.

Before going ahead and activating traps, players need to note that traps will cost points. A total of 3000 points should be with players for the achievement to be unlocked.


To collect the points, it is recommended to use the knife to kill zombies until round 3 and use the double points powerup (if available) in Mob of the Dead.

Below we’ve mentioned how you can activate the traps before reaching round 10 in Mob of the Dead.

Fan Trap

The first trap players must turn on is the fan trap outside the Warden’s Office. For the trap to work, players must find the Warden’s key to unlock the Warden’s Office.

The key can be found in two locations around the Cell Block. The first location is between the entrance door to the Cafeteria and the Shower Room. The second location is right above the sign of the Warden’s office on the second floor of the Cell Block.

With the key now with you, open the door to the Warden’s office and turn on the trap for 1000 points.

Acid Trap

The Acid Trap can be found at the entrance of the cafeteria. Spend a total of 1000 points to activate the trap.  

Sniper Tower Trap

For the last trap, there are multiple ways to get to it. We recommend activating the Gondola and using it to reach the docks as it only costs 750 points. After reaching the sniper tower, players must first turn on the trap and then upgrade it using Afterlife.

To upgrade the trap, use the Warden’s key to unlock the caged door right in front of the trap. Inside the newly discovered area, use the electric terminal to switch to Afterlife.

While in Spectral form, approach the power switch for the trap and look above it to spot a voltmeter. Zap the voltmeter to upgrade the sniper tower trap and unlock the Trapped in Time trophy/achievement in Mob of the Dead.

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