How to Transfer Egg Moves in Pokemon Sword and Shield

With every new installment, the Pokemon games add more and more features that make the process of catching, training, and breeding Pokemon all the more easier. In Sword and Shield, breeding has become less of a chore and more of an actual event. One new feature is the ability to transfer Egg Moves from one parent Pokemon to another; and in this guide, we’ll explain how this process works, and how you too can Transfer Egg Moves in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Transfer Egg Moves in Pokemon Sword and Shield

First of all, let’s quickly go over what exactly an Egg Move is. These are moves that Pokemon in the Wild already know (usually Pokemon with a ‘brilliant aura’). These Pokemon will have an Egg Move that is specific to their Type, and it can be passed onto the child if you choose to have that Pokemon breed. These Pokemon will have guaranteed three max IVs and an Egg Move that’s specific to that species.

As long as one of the parents has the Egg Move, it will most assuredly pass down to the child during the breeding process.

Egg moves cannot be taught by any conventional means, the Pokemon must already know it and then pass it on – these Moves are invaluable, in other words.

This is a pretty simple concept overall. If a parent Pokemon knows the move, there is a chance it can be passed down the egg even if the Pokemon in that egg ends up being of a different species.

There is a definitive Egg Move list for each species, but the moves available vary widely between Egg Groups.

If you don’t want to look up a list, you can always just give both parents moves that you hope the baby can learn and see what it knows once the egg hatches.

How to Transfer Egg Moves
Now that you’re familiar with all the terms and the desired result, it’s time to delineate the actual Egg Move Transfer process.

A few things to remember: the Pokemon parents need to be male and female; if they’re of the same gender, they will be unable to breed and thus the transfer will not happen.

Secondly, the two Pokemon need to be the exact same species. Not a species in the same evolution line, but the exact same Pokemon!

Finally, make sure that the Pokemon that you want to transfer the move to actually has an open Move Slot; if there’s no available Move Slot, then the move will not transfer.

Once all prerequisites have been met, take your Pokemon to the Breeding Center. Hand both your Pokemon over to the person in charge and be on your merry way.

You’ll need to return, of course, but nothing will have actually happened until you’ve walked or biked a number of steps; it’s a fairly large number so it’s best to just go to the Wild Areas and level up your Pokemon there.

Return to the Breeding Center after some time has passed and ask for your Pokemon back.

You’ll find that the Pokemon with the available slot has now learned the Egg Move!

A simple process that does require a bit of prep work beforehand.