How to Tame a Bloodstalker in ARK Genesis

Bloodstalker is an invertebrate creature in Ark Survival Evolved. Found in swamps surrounded and hiding in dense forests around them. they are aggressive creatures who catch their prey by webbing them from long distance, then latch them in and suck their blood. They also spawn in close vicinity to each other, making it difficult to encounter them, this guide will discuss how to get and How to Tame a Bloodstalker in ARK Genesis.

How to Tame a Bloodstalker in ARK Genesis

To catch bloodstalkers, head into swampy biome, around 73.5, 79.2. keep an eye up in the trees as thats where you’ll mostly find bloodstalkers in the trees.

To tame bloodstalkers, you need to bring lots of blood packs. As stated, bloodstalkers feed on the blood of it’s prey. Almost 200 blood packs are advised to bring to capture a bloodstalker.

As you locate your new future pet, you need to get the blood packs in your inventory at the far right slot, and let the bloodstalker web you in and suck off that blood.

Here, two options are present, you can either let it suck off one of your tamed pets too to get a taming modifier. This will increase the modifier by 10%. then, let him suck off the blood packs and it’s yours. Otherwise, without sacrificing another pet, you need to have atleast 2000 blood packs in inventory.

Once you are latched, the creature will continue draining blood until blood packs are there or it is tamed. As long as you have blood packs, you will not get any damage.

Once tamed, the bloodstalker will latch on as if the survivor has been riding it, ensuring the survivor does not fall to his death.

Beware, as blood packs expire in 30 minutes without any form of preservation. It you are using fresh blood packs, you need to be quick to find and get the bloodstalker. If you don’t have enough blood packs, use medical brew, and always keep a parachute to survive the fall if you fail to tame the bloodstalker.

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