How to Sprint in Elden Ring on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation

To spring in Elden Ring, you should press and hold "Space Key" on PC, "B" Key for Xbox and "Circle" for PlayStation.

Elden Ring has slightly different and unique control inputs as compared to most other games. One of the common issues beginners face in the game is sprinting or running.

Sprinting is a common RPG mechanic and it is important in Elden Ring not only to travel faster but also to fight enemies with mobility.

If you still haven’t figured out how to sprint or run in Elden Ring, then consider our guide to learn.

Sprinting in Elden Ring

The main issue players face while trying to sprint in Elden Ring is that they end up dodging. The reason for this is that Elden Ring has assigned sprinting and dodging mechanics to one key.

The key will perform dodging first when you press it. So in order to sprint, you have to hold your dodge key.

However, PC players still struggle even if they hold the sprint key. To solve that, you have to walk for 2 seconds and then hold the sprint key to start running. The same thing applies to Torrent. You have to repeatedly press the doge button to accelerate on Torrent and you can also press the jump button to jump while riding the mount. Now, let’s check out how exactly you can sprint on different platforms.

How to sprint on XBOX

Players who play Elden Ring on XBOX need to press and hold the “B” button to sprint. This button is the same for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

How to Sprint on Playstation

For Playstation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5) players, the key to Sprint is the Elden Ring is the Circle “O” button.

How to sprint on PC

Elden Ring PC players have to press and hold the “Spacebar” button to sprint.

This is how you can sprint on different platforms in Elden Ring.

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