How to Reset Skills in Gears Tactics

Skill Points are used to level up squad members however if you have made a mistake, we can show you how to reset them in Gears Tactics

In Gears Tactics, you can use skill points to level up different unit members. There is also an option to reset the skill tree of a unit member to reassign them completely. In this guide, we will explain How to Reset Skills in Gears Tactics.

How to Reset Skills in Gears Tactics

In Gear Tactics, there are two types of squad members. Based on their classes and type, the number of skill points they have available from the start differs.

Fresh recruits: Appear after each mission; random classes; usually one level below your main characters. All skill points are unassigned

Rescued soldiers: The ones that you saved during a rescue mission; usually at the same level as your main characters. Most skill points are already assigned.

If you feel that your squad needs more people, you can choose to keep them otherwise they will leave the recruitment pool after one or two campaign missions.

In Tactics, any unit member’s skills can be reset by using Skill Reset tokens. Skill reset Tokens are obtained by progressing through the campaign missions.

There is no other way to obtain them so you will have to grind out the campaign to obtain them.

Once you have obtained a reset token in Gears Tactics, head to the barracks screen and select the character you want to reset skills of.

Press F2 to reset the skill points. You will be prompted to confirm your choice.

Once done, all of the points that were invested in that member will be returned to you.

You are now free to assign the points according to your wish.

But keep in mind, that any skill points made available by a Reset Token cannot be transferred to another character.

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