How to Unlock More Classes in Gears Tactics

Learn how to diversify your tactics by unlocking more classes in Gears Tactics with the help of our detailed unlocking guide

In Gears Tactics, there are different classes that can be chosen for your different team members. At the start, not all classes will be available to you and they have to be unlocked. In this guide, we will explain how to unlock more classes in Gears Tactics.

Every class has its own unique skills and weapons.

How to Unlock More Classes in Gears Tactics

Each class in Gears Tactics represents a character’s useable abilities and weapons. Only certain classes can use certain weapons and abilities.

The better classes have to be unlocked. And they can be unlocked by rescuing Gear survivors of that class.

We have listed different classes and how they can be unlocked below.

Support is Gabe’s main class. Its main job is to provide healing and other bonuses to the team. His abilities can heal single targets or entire groups of Gears.

So, having him on your Gears Tactics team is really beneficial.

Unlocked: Act 1 Chapter IV.

The heavy unit specializes in taking out huge groups. Their weaponry includes weapons like Miniguns and LMGS, which acts incredibly against swarms of enemies.

When it is paired with a support player, it even becomes more deadly because of the bonuses.

The classes’ primary ability ‘The Anchor’ skill, offers increased accuracy and damage up to 30% and 45% respectively.

Unlocked: Act 1 Chapter II.

The Vanguard class belongs to Sid and Cole. They are tank players which have the ability to heal themselves. They can also leech health from the enemy. Overall, a very useful class as solo pushers.

Unlocked: By Default.

Scout is a close quarter combat expert. In missions where you know you will face close quarter enemies; scout is a must-have.

The Scout excels at getting behind enemy lines with abilities that allow for cloaking and sneak attacks. These abilities are difficult to execute but pay off well when successful.

Unlocked: After you rescue your first two gears in Act I, Chapter II.

The Sniper class in Gears Tactics specializes in long-range fights. It has reduced accuracy penalty on long-range tactics. Their critical attacks are very high damage.

Unlocked: After you encounter Mikayla on Act 1, Chapter IV.

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