How to Evict Villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In Animal Crossing, you can have a maximum of 10 villagers on your island. It is natural that you might need to later evict some of these villagers in Animal Crossing if they are not up to your standards. Luckily, even in the kid-friendly world of Animal Crossing, there is a dark side, where you bully your townsman out of the village. In this guide we will show you How to Evict Villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to Evict Villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The conditions which must be met before you can prompt and talk a villager into moving out include the following:

  • Have at least 6 villagers
  • You can ask a villager to move out in Animal Crossing only 5 days after asking another one before
  • 15 days must have passed since another villager had moved out( Campsite exemption)
  • 7 days must have passed since another villager moved in

The prompt to talk to the villagers in ACNH if they want to move will appear with a bubble question mark hovering over them. The bubble doesn’t always mean that they really want to move out.

They might have something else on their mind; therefore, the player shouldn’t be expecting much unless you understand the mechanics explained below.

Villagers will absolutely not be thinking of moving out if only their house is being moved or their birthday was in the last week. If you asked a villager to stay, then they won’t leave either.

Making a Villager Leave Naturally in ACNH

There might be a very specific villager that you want to leave your Island, but you can’t specifically choose him to kick him out or anything, but you can surely manipulate the moving out system.

The villager that chooses to think about moving out and then have your permission to do so depends on:

  • Their friendship level with you ranging from positive to negative, negative being most likely provoking the villager to think about moving out.
  • The ” Move out” thought of certain villagers increases by one point if you don’t interact with them anyway, 30 being maximum.
  • How uncomfortable you make them which will affect the friendship level.
  • Hitting the villager with nets three consecutive times, pushing them and pushing them into the pitfalls. This will contribute to lower friendship levels.

Amiibo Card and Campsite

Use your Amiibo card to invite a new villager when your Island is at full population capacity, the incoming villager will strike a deal with a resident of your choice, but before this, the incomer will ask you to fulfill their crafting requests.

Once the requests are fulfilled, you will be able to evict the ACNH villager of your choice.

The Campsite method also exists, but it’s too unpredictable. You can use the Island’s internal recruitment feature, which will bring a camper from the Campsite to your Island as a new resident and remove a random villager from your Island.

For this method, you must be running at full capacity!

Changing System Time and Date
This way is quite controversial and may sound like hacking the game, but it might be the only necessary measure left for you. You can remove a villager by following these steps:

  • Talk to a villager you want to evict when they’re outside and note the date and time in your game
  • Manually set your Nintendo Switch’s Time and date to exactly 30 days later
  • Return and Search for the villager and a thought bubble will be hovering over their head.
  • Adjust the time a bit more if the bubble doesn’t appear. When it’s there, simply talk to them to the villager into moving out

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