How To Rank Up Fast in Modern Warfare 3

These tips and strategies will help you rank up fast in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 so you can get access to more equipment

It won’t be easy to get 10th Prestige in Modern Warfare 3 but there are ways you can do it fast. Leveling up in Modern Warfare 3 would not only get easy but also fast if you follow our general guidelines. These are simple strategies that would help any newbie or a veteran to level up in the game and unlock all the weapons and equipment. So if you want to learn how to rank up fast in Modern Warfare 3, read the tips below.

How To Rank Up Fast in Modern Warfare 3

If you are looking to level up fast in Modern Warfare 3, follow these simple strategies. For more help on Modern Warfare 3, read our crashes troubleshooting and dedicated server guide.

Get Double XP Time
Download Call of Duty Elite application and register yourself and you will earn 2 hours of Double XP Time. Call of Duty Elite is free to start with, so it’s a nice perk if you are looking to level up fast.

Couldn’t get simpler than that, since you will get double the amount of XP if you win a match. The formula for the amount of XP you will get is M*T*((R+6)/12); where M is the match result, T is the match’s time in seconds, and R is your rank.

Avoid playing Team Death Match to boost your XP. Instead, focus on Domination, Search and Destroy, and Kill Confirmed.

Kill confirmed will allow you to get a lot of XP since you will be denying and confirming tags and you will also get 250XP for your own tag. While Domination will let you get 50XP per kill and 150XP for getting a point, while there will be no maximum point, while you will also get through gun levels and get more XP, and that too, faster than any other game mode that is available in the game

Focus On Objectives
Get the K/D ratio out of your head and focus on your objective. If you want to level up fast, you need to earn XP and getting kills is just one way to get XP in Modern Warfare 3. There are like 100 other ways you can earn XP so put your objectives and winning the match first over your kill Streaks.

It doesn’t matter which ever mode you play, contribute more towards winning the match. Don’t go on rampage looking for kills, it’s a glorious way to showcase your one-on-one skills but a slow process to level up in Modern Warfare 3.

Choose The Support Class
If you are new to Modern Warfare 3 – I can hardly imagine any one being but let’s just say if you aren’t skilled enough or want to level up fastest, opt for the Support Class.

Most of the skilled players will go for Assault, picking Support will give you an overview of the players and helps you find the enemy players, defend the objective well, and trap the enemies.

Choose Low Kill Streaks
If you are to choose Assault load-out or any other kill streak load-out, make sure you choose low kill streaks. They may reward you lower XP but they are also less risky since they require lesser kills. Less Kills requirement ensures more kill streak rewards in a match, which in turn, gets your more XP.

This is because, the difference of XP you earn for high kill streaks isn’t worth it since you are more likely to get more low kill streak rewards in a single game than high kill streak rewards.

Avoid the Specialist Strike Package
Because it’s more geared towards individual skills and will only help advanced players. If you are an advanced Call of Duty player, Specialist Strike Package will really fasten up the leveling process by adding extra perks, which in turn earn you more XP.

Best Perks For Leveling Up
Get Blind Eye as your first tier perk, it will help you navigate the map faster without worrying about getting killed by the enemy air support. It helps in objective-based games in which you may end up being forced to reach the objective area quickly to save the objective and the last thing you want here, is to be killed by the enemy air support.

If you’re using Slight of Hand, go ahead and constantly change your weapons so that you can complete challenges faster.

Recon’s challenges look difficult but they’re quite easy if you’re using the right setup. You will need flashbangs and grenade launchers along with the xm25, for whence you’re playing Domination.

Go ahead and use Extreme Conditioning and start running around a lot, you can also go with mp9, usas12, or with the scorpion since these weapons will get you more sprint with this perk. Stack the Extreme Conditioning Pro with Dead Silence Pro challenge, since you will get about 30,000XP in one game.

When you’re using Scavanger, get those blue ammo packets! Though once you’re gotten the Pro Version, the challenges will get considerably more difficult, since you will already have max ammo and you will not need more ammo

Get Hardline as your second tier perk. I am assuming here that you have set the low kill streak rewards and when you choose hardline, two assists count as one kill. Making it easier for you to earn those low kill streak rewards and more XP because you aim here is to level up faster. You can also use Hardline Pro with Recon for a max effect and try spamming explosives while you’re doing this

Hardline would get you more kills with easy assists. If you have chosen the Support Load-out, you would know the enemy locations with UAV/CounterUAV, so you can easily score assists by flashing these enemies.

Use Quickdraw for extremely easy kill challenges. Go ahead and max this challenge out since the perk is quite good, you can also stack this with the Base Stalker challenges for an extra boost.

Use Assassin since it has a passive challenge and you only have to equip and play the game until you’re done with all of the challenges. It is also a very good perk which will make your game quite easier. Go ahead and kill some enemies and get the UAV spam, especially if you’re playing Domination. Consider using a silencer since that will save you some trouble.

Finally, you can choose Dead Silence as your third tier perk. It complements your other defensive perks for leveling up fast. Your enemies can’t hear your footsteps, you already know their location, so what happens next ? There was a catch though, you won’t be able to unlock it during the early levels.

You can combo Dead Silence Pro with Extreme Conditioning Pro to get 30,000XP in one Domination game.

Employ Steady Aim while you have a shotgun, an SMG with rapidfire and spam your way through. You can also pair Steady Aim Pro with Extreme Conditioning, though stop at 80 kills if you opt for this combo.

Use Markman on an assault rifle with a red dot so that you can complete all the marksman challenges quite easily. Though stop at 125 kills so that you may complete other missions first.

So, you would have to choose between Sitrep/Stalker. I would go for Sitrep since it would save you from the enemy explosives like claymores, Bouncing Betty and C4 – Newbies tend to use this a lot and due to the surprise element involved, you can fall victim to these explosives.

Best Load-out To Rank Up Fast
Your best load-out would depend on your game style. Remember the above general tips and strategies to rank up fast in Modern Warfare 3 and choose your load-out that compliments the above tips and your game style. It would be hard but you will find a good combination.

Find Your Game Type
It all depends on how good are you in a certain game mode in Modern Warfare 3. If you are good at getting the kills, choose the game mode that rewards best for Kills. If you are good at objective-based game modes, choose these and earn more XP to level up fast by wining matches.

For example, you get 50 points for a kill in Kill Confirmed and you get 500 Points for a kill in Search and Destroy. If you would rather benefit from shorter re-spawns, go for Kill Confirmed. If you are skilled enough to get more kills in a single round of Search and Destroy, go for that instead.

Know The Challenges
Modern Warfare 3 takes the challenges to a whole new level. You now have daily challenges, weakly challenges, weapon challenges, and there are challenges for even attachments.

Start with a weapon and complete all its challenges and move to the next weapon. Do the same with attachments on. The good thing about completing challenges is, you earn a huge amount of XP, which in turn, helps you level up fast in Modern Warfare 3. You can choose attachment Proficiency to do two challenges at once to speed things up.

Play Kill Confirmed
Each kill gives you 50 points, confirming that kill gives you 50 points and denying a kill gives you 50 points so there are lots of points to earn in Kill Confirmed and above all, it’s fast-paced game mode, which will really help you level up fast.

Play Headquarters
It gives you the most point in any game mode. More XP you earn, the more levels you unlock.

Play Team Defender
In Team Defender, when you hold the flag and get the kills, you get double XP for those kills. This helps you level up fairly quickly just by playing through this mode.

Don’t forget to share your own MW3 level up tips with us in the comments below.

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