How to Play Co-op in Nioh 2

If you’re wondering whether you can fight bosses in Nioh 2 with your buddies or not, yes you can! Nioh 2 allows you to make custom lobbies where you can invite your friends to play with you. This guide will show you How to Play Co-op in Nioh 2 and play with your friends.

How to Play Co-op in Nioh 2

To play co-op, you need custom lobbies. Making this lobby can be a bit confusing though as you can’t just do it straight from the game menu.

How to play Co-Op in Expeditions
To get the option to create a custom lobby, you need to look on the world map in the game and travel to the starting point on there. Once there, choose ‘Toril Gate’ and you will be presented with the option to make your own custom lobby through the ‘Expedition’ menu.

You can put the lobby to private and set a password for it if you want to play with a specific person.

Expedition Co-Op Mechanics
Since you’ve now doubled your power through your teammate, while the bosses remain the same, the game will introduce some new mechanics to cancel out your advantage.

The biggest change in Co-Op mode is that there will zero checkpoints in the game. However, the game does help you out a bit by letting you respawn in the middle of a fight.

All players will share the same life counter and for every individual player death, 1 bar will be lost.

Overall, aside from the bosses, you will also be up against a greater number of enemies throughout your play-through.

These clever mechanics make the Co-Op mode in Nioh 2 just as challenging as the solo mode. Just because you have your friends playing with you, doesn’t mean you can just speedrun through the game.

How to play Co-Op outside Expeditions
Nioh 2 also allows you to invite your friends into your actual game world. To do that, you have to first be inside of any level, then head to a Kodama Shrine and select ‘Summon Visitor’. You can either send out a public invite or set a ‘Secret Word’ so that only a certain person can join.

One thing to note is that inviting your friends through a Kodama Shrine will cost you an Ochoko Cup per invite.

The most efficient way to get yourself some Ochoko Cups is by killing Red Revenants.

If you want to join someone else’s game world, you have to first choose the Toril Gates just like you did for Expeditions, but here you will select the ‘Random Encounters’ menu instead.

You can either choose to join a completely random person’s world or you can join a private game using the ‘Special Matching Conditions’ options.

Note: To join the world, you must have already beaten the level you’re entering