How to Own a House in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s recent update has introduced a new feature in the game where players can unlock their own house and decorate it. It’s a bit complicated and has some prerequisites. But to make this easier for you, we have compiled a guide for you that should show you how to own a house in Genshin Impact, which should show you the ropes to becoming a house owner.

How to Own a House in Genshin Impact

Housing System is the latest feature in Genshin Impact that has caught the eye of the players. This Housing System is a magical floating Teapot known as Serenitea Pot.

Inside this magic floating teapot resides a delightful teapot spirit called Tubby, and a whole kingdom you own and can decorate as you want. If you obtain it somehow, you can call this teapot to your place and jump in for a break from the action.

To unlock your own house, you need Serenitea Pot, and to acquire a Serenitea Pot, you have to complete a quest named ‘A Teapot to Call Home.’ But to unlock the quest in question, you must have Adventure Rank 35+ and have completed the main story quest named A New Star Approaches. Only then will you be able to own your own house.

A Teapot to Call Home Quest
To get the Serenitea Pot, talk to Madame Ping, Krosl, Zhiqiao, Shitou, Xingxi,  Baizhu, Krosl, and Madame Ping again. You also have to find the debris after speaking with Shitou.

The above objectives revolve around the ‘A Teapot to Call Home Quest’, and once you’ve completed them, you’ll be rewarded with the Serenitea pot.

After that, go to the Gadget menu and place the Serenitea Pot. If the pot has been set, it interacts to join the sub-realm.

Players will then use the teapot to be carried to wherever they choose. Three initial realm types are available to players from which have to select when they first reach the tea pot: Floating Abode, Emerald Peak and Cool Isle.

  • Cool Isle is a water-circled island.
  • Emerald Peak is a high-cloud mountain peak.
  • Floating Abode is an island cluster that floats in the air.

After entering the realm you chose, talk to the Teapot Spirit named Tubby to complete this quest.

Decorating your House
There are all sorts of buildings and features that can be added to your realm, more than 200 at first. To create them, you must do the following:

  • Furnishing Blueprints that increase your Trust rank
  • Participate in events
  • Complete the Adeptal Mirror.

You need to collect ingredients once you have your Furnishing Blueprints. Materials can be gathered from trees and plants, while materials such as cloth and color can be manufactured using Tubby.

The creation menu can change certain color ingredients; for example, Sunsettias may be exchanged for carrots to produce a red color. Once you have all your equipment, make your furniture spiritual.

The decoration icon is in the right top corner and leads you to the decoration screen, from where your furniture can be placed.

What is Trust Rank and how to raise it?
Trust Rank is a measure of the trust that Tubby has with you. You will raise the trust rank with the tea spirit Tubby as you decorate your royalty. For the first time, create a new furnishing to raise your trust rank of Serenitea Pot. When you reach higher ranks of trust, you unlock other realm areas and ultimately the two others to change at your discretion.

Realm Currency
The Housing Systems can be used over time to obtain Realm Currency. Players can use this currency to unlock new equipment, products or trade for various resources with a travel merchant.

How to visit other Serenitea Pots
You can visit the Serenitea Pots of people you have added, regardless of their level. Just click the avatar of My Friends and then click on ‘Request to Visit Serenitea Pot.’

Alternatively, via a map interface, you may configure permits for your Serenitea Pot to automatically accept, deny or approve the requests from others. If you are inside someone else’s Serenitea Pot, you can contribute once a day to accelerate their furniture manufacturing processes by engaging with Tubby.

Teapot Travelling Salesman
Every weekend, the traveling salesman visits your realm with exclusive pieces for sale. You can also visit your friends’ realms and trade with their Traveling Salesman, who will have a variety of things for sale. The products available to you from the salesman change as the Trust Rank rises.

Adeptal Energy
Adeptal Energy is an indicator of the realm’s number of decorations. Simply add more furniture to boost your Adeptal energy. You can gain more Realm Currency and raise the limit on the Jar of Riches if you have Higher Levels of Adeptal Energy and Trust Rank

How to farm wood
Teyvat has trees that you can cut down to get wood. Different trees give you different kind of wood.

  • Birch Trees in the Windwail Highland drops Birch Wood.
  • Cuiha Trees in Starfell Valley and Bishui Plain frops Cuiha Wood.
  • Faber’s Firs around Galesong Hill and Starfell Valley drops Fir Wood.
  • Cedars around Starfell Valley drops Fragrant Cedar Wood.
  • Pines in the Dragonspine Region drops Pine Wood.
  • Qingce Bamboo in Bishui Plain drops Bamboo Segments
  • Sandbearer Trees around Minlin and Lisha drops Sandbearer Wood.

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