How to Farm Realm Currency in Genshin Impact

In this Genshin Impact Realm Currency farming guide, we’ll be going over all the ways you can farm the Realm Currency that is featured in brand-new the Housing System in Genshin Impact 1.5.

How to Farm Realm Currency in Genshin Impact

With the induction of the new Serenitea Pot gadget in the 1.5 variant of Genshin Impact, players can now possess their own property, which they can, in turn, customize as per their liking. However, to get the items and materials required for this customization process, you will have to spend the latest currency known as the Realm Currency.

Below, you’ll find everything that you need to know about Realm Currency. So, let’s begin!

Realm Currency and Its Uses
Realm Currency is basically a unique in-game currency in Genshin Impact that you can only use at the Realm Depot in exchange for unique materials like Transient Resins and Hero’s Wit.

More importantly, once you’ve reached a certain level of friendship with Tubby, you can even use the Realm Currency to purchase new realms, each of which costs 1500 of this currency.

How to Farm Realm Currency
To start accumulating the Realm Currency, you’ll need to talk to Tubby and choose “Trust Rank”. When the button prompt on the golden jar appears, tap on it, and you’ll be all set to start collecting this all-new currency.

For the collection of the Realm Currency, you will be allotted a Realm Currency Accumulation Rate, which will be 4/hour at the beginning, corresponding to your level of Adeptal Energy: “Bare-Bones”.

Fortunately for you, you can enhance this rate by carrying out certain measures.

Boosting the Realm Currency Farming Rate
To remedy the slow starting accumulation rate of the Realm Currency, you will need loads of Adeptal Energy, and for that, you’ll need to place furnishings in various parts of your realm.

To make things easier for yourself, open up the Highest Adeptal Energy screen on Tubby’s Trust Rank screen. This screen will guide you on the locations to place the furnishings and the amount of Adeptal Energy that you’ll get in return.

Increasing your Adeptal Energy will boost up your Realm Currency Accumulation Rate. Here’s how it works:

Level Adeptal Energy Needed RC Accumulation Rate
Bare Bones 0 4/hr
Humble Abode 2000 8/hr
Cozy 3000 12/hr
Queen-Size 4500 16/hr
Elegant 6000 20/hr
Exquisite 8000 22/hr
Extraordinary 10000 24/hr
Stately 12000 26/hr
Luxury 15000 28/hr
Fit for a King 20000 30/hr

Apart from stockpiling Adeptal Energy, you can also work towards improving your Trust Rank to enlarge the capacity of the Jar of Riches for Realm Currency. The highest Trust Rank is 10 that allows the Jar of Riches to bank a maximum of 2400 Realm Currency.