How to Mount Caragors in Shadow of Mordor, Combat Moves and Tips

How to Mount Shadow of Mordor Caragors and use their signature moves and help you in combat.

In Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Caragors are monsters oddly resembling a lion-wolf hybrid. These monsters roam the lands of Mordor and mercilessly rip everyone in their path to shreds.

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Shadow of Mordor Caragors Tips

Being the smart one, Talion can use these creatures to his advantage in combat and free-roaming. In this guide, I will talk about how to mount Caragors and how to use them in combat effectively.

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How to Ride Caragors?
In order to ride these monstrous creatures, Talion needs to have Ride Caragors Ability.

After unlocking this ability, stand on a platform directly above the Caragor and press R1/RB to jump and hop over the creature. This will trigger a mini-game and players will have to move the cursor into the circle followed by pressing the displayed button.


Successfully complete this game and Talion will be able to ride Caragor. Do note that even if you dismount a Caragor after riding it, it will show you utmost loyalty and will fight alongside you until its death.

Caragors have their own unique moves to attack during the combat which are explained in the section below:

Caragor Signature Moves

  • Press Square/X to attack or knock down enemies
  • Press Triangle/Y to chop off enemies – doing so will allow Caragor to regenerate its health much faster
  • Press and hold L2/LT to use the Ranged Mode with Caragor
  • Press and hold R2/RT and press Square/X to attack from above – doing so will dismount you from the Caragor
  • Press and hold Circle/B to drain your mount and use Elf-Shot – doing so will inflict damage to your Caragor
  • Press and hold X/A to charge with Caragor and knock down your enemies

How to Use Caragors in Combat?
Now that you know all about different attacks at Caragor’s disposal, let’s discuss what to do with a Caragor when it is not loyal to you. Throughout your journey through Mordor, you will come across these ferocious creatures locked away in prisons.

You can shoot the lock on their cells and see all seven hells break loose on the enemies of Mordor. Ofttimes, the orcs will manage to kill the creatures, but even in that situation, you will have plenty of time to plan your strategy.

One of the best ways to use Caragors is to use them while capturing strongholds. If you see these creatures locked in a stronghold, set them free and see it take out most of the enemies before going in yourself.

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