How to Lower District Unrest in XCOM Chimera Squad

The City Map in XCOM Chimera Squad will introduce you to some new mechanics in the game to manage City 31. In this guide, we will show you how to keep your city from falling in chaos and how to lower District Unrest in XCOM Chimera Squad.

How to Lower District Unrest in XCOM Chimera Squad

In XCOM: Chimera Squad, City 31 consists of nine districts with each district having its own District Unrest levels. Unrest of all these districts adds up to the overall health of the city which is also known as City Anarchy.

You can check the Unrest of any district on the city map. At the start, each district starts as happy. As long as you keep completing your missions, you are good to go.

But if you fail to complete a mission, the district’s Unrest will increase by 1. And you don’t want the district’s Unrest to increase because it can increase up to 5 and after that, the City’s Anarchy will start increasing.

Active purple investigation mission also increases unrest by 1 per day. So, you better keep the investigation short.

Every day a district remains at 5 unrest, city anarchy will gain 1 point.

If you gain 14 City Anarchy points then its game over and your campaign ends.

How to lower District Unrest?
Districts marked with Red need your utmost attention because these are the districts with the most Unrest.

To lower the district’s Unrest, you have to complete certain side missions and story missions. The missions with a flame icon next to the rewards will reduce unrest in the district.

Field teams come into play when you can’t find missions that will lower the unrest. Gather the necessary intel by completing certain missions and by assigning units to Spec Ops tasks.

You can also deploy field teams to gather intel which will ultimately be used to create and upgrade Field Ops.

To unlock Field Teams, you will need credits and Elerium. Then you have to use abilities (Vigilance, Quarantine, Dragnet, Major Crimes Task Force) of these field teams to lower the Unrest in the district.

Don’t forget to upgrade these abilities from time to time as it will bring you more currency and unlocks new Field Team abilities.

Unrest is unavoidable but keeping it in check and managing it effectively is crucial to succeeding in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Avoid risky missions because, it is better to skip them rather than failing to complete your mission and in turn, gaining Unrest points.

Don’t ignore engagements and situations as they will also contribute towards the district’s unrest

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