XCOM Chimera Squad City Map Guide

XCOM Chimera Squad is more than just a strategy game with combat as we will explain how to manage your city map with this guide

XCOM: Chimera Squad isn’t just a fighting game; it also introduces a complex system of resource management. You have to take care of the city and prevent the City Anarchy from increasing as we will explain in this XCOM Chimera Squad City Map guide.

To help you understand all the mechanics involved in taking care of the city in XCOM: Chimera Squad, we’ve prepared this guide to show you everything you need to know about them.

XCOM Chimera Squad City Map

The city in XCOM: Chimera Squad includes nine different districts. Each one of these districts has a ‘District Unrest’ meter which is basically like a health meter.

The District Unrest of the districts adds up to make the overall health of the City, which is known as the ‘City Anarchy’.

Managing the District Unrest is one of the most important things to do in the game.

Every mission you attempt will make a day pass in the game’s calendar and the District Unrest will go up or down in all of the nine districts depending on your performance.

If the District Unrest goes up in a district, the missions in that district will become noticeably more difficult.

If you manage to fill up the unrest meter in a district, it’ll turn red and increase the City Anarchy by one point (one chevron) in XCOM Chimera Squad.

As you progress in the game, one district can even increase the anarchy by up to 3 chevrons by itself. If the City Anarchy meter fills up, then the game will end right then and there.

You have to do all you can to avoid the District Unrest going up by even the slightest in Chimera Squad. Do note that sometimes, it’ll go up no matter what.

However, there may be some situations in which getting a reward from a different district may be better for you in the long run than reducing the unrest in another district.

Before you jump the gun and immediately try to reduce the unrest in a district, make sure there aren’t any other missions on the map which may benefit you much more than doing that.

How to Reduce Unrest

Field Teams
Every one of the nine districts can have its own Field Team, which will give you resources daily, like Elerium, Intel or credits.

Furthermore, it will give you access to Field Team Abilities which you can use to lower the District Unrest.

To use your Field Team Abilities click the buttons on the bottom of the City Map. Do note that some of these will have pre-requisites and they’ll all have a cooldown timer.

The following four Field Team Abilities are currently available in the game:

  • Vigilance: Decreases the District Unrest in the district of your choosing.
  • Quarantine: Halts District Unrest.
  • Dragnet: Gives you more rewards for finishing Situations.
  • Major Crimes Task Force: Decreases City Anarchy.

To create and upgrade Field Teams, you need a currency called ‘Intel’. The best way to acquire Intel is by finishing missions, putting agents on Spec Ops tasks, and even just deploying the Field Teams.

Operations are important to attempt as avoiding them will make the unrest go up in the district the mission is in. If you think a mission is way too dangerous to perform right now, leave it for later but don’t just ignore it.

Attempting missions that are too dangerous is not a good idea because if you fail, that day will be completely wasted and you’ll gain zero rewards. This will make the unrest go up in the district.

Spec Ops Missions
There are some special away missions in the game called ‘Spec Ops’ which can only be performed by a single agent.

Completing these missions will either decrease the District Unrest in a certain district, or it’ll give you some intel to use for Field Ops.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you assign an agent to a Spec Ops mission, you won’t be able to use them in any other mission for as long as that one lasts.