How to Increase Stagger Bonus in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Stagger Bonus is a bonus that allows you to deal more damage to enemies that are staggered. The mechanic proves very useful against bosses in the game. The bonus begins at 160% but here we will show you How to Increase Stagger Bonus in Final Fantasy 7 Remake up to 300%.

How to Increase Stagger Bonus in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

In Chapter 8 or 9, Chadley will probably give you the Battle Intel Report 12. This is called The Stagger Effect Pt. 3. The report will require that you increase your stagger bonus to 200%.

For The Stagger Effect Pt.1, you will have to stagger an enemy followed by utilizing a unique ability. This will get you another ATB charge.

Using Barret will lessen the cooldown on the Overcharge ability; however, you may use it for other characters as well. Do this for about 10 times and you will get the First Strike material.

For The Stagger Effect Pt. 2, you are required to stagger fifteen enemies, each of a different type. Make sure that you’re using moves like overpower by Tifa, or focused thrust by Cloud so that you’re actively able to put some pressure.

Getting Stagger Bonus to 200%
Go ahead and fight with Fat Chocobo to get more of this bonus. You will be allowed to face him in the VR simulator by Chadley.

You can fight him in a number of chapters, while it’s more of a fact that you’ll be able to stagger him before you put him down.

Consider using Tifa’s unique abilities like Omnistrike, Rise and Fall and Whirling Uppercut. These will allow you to increase the bonus.

Some weapon abilities like Ray of Judgment for Aerith, or True Strike for Tifa will also allow you to increase the stagger bonus. Reaching the 200% mark for your stagger bonus will not be much of an issue.

Stagger Bonus to 300% and the Staggering Feat trophy
In order to get the Staggering Feat trophy in the game, you will be required to increase your staggering bonus past the 200% mark, and uptil it reached 300%!

You can do this on Fat Chocobo, but if you have True Strike, it will be very beneficial for you. Go ahead and power up the unique ability of Tifa and stagger big bird.

After that, you will have to use Rise and Fall and Omnistrike while you will have to use True Strikes and Uppercuts alternatively for whenever you are in hold of an ATB charge. Use Aerith for the Ray of Judgement.

You can try and equip the party with relatively low-level weapons so that you don’t end up putting Fat Chocobo down before you can reach the 300% mark for your Stagger Bonus.

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