How to Build Pressure and Stagger in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

So if you have been playing Final Fantasy VII Remake then you will be well aware that combat techniques in this new remake are a bit different. In this guide, we will go over one such combat mechanic and show you How to Build Pressure and Stagger in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes cues from the original Final Fantasy and then some modern editions as well. But if you see closely, it is actually more balanced now and better to be honest.

How to Build Pressure and Stagger in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Basically when an enemy is pressured that will mean a new status will appear on the enemy’s stagger gauge which will tell that now the enemy is knocked off balance so his stagger gauge will fill even more rapidly and you will get a chance to attack with everything you have and this will help you stagger your enemy even more quickly.

This can be done by giving a specific amount of damage to some enemies and sometimes when a piece of enemy or his armor breaks down, he will be staggered.

And that is the time to go all out and basically through everything, every attack and every ability you have on the battlefield to get the maximum out of that stagger moment.

Because stagger is the moment when the enemy will lose control and become defenseless and may fall down as well.

Now that stagger gauge that you will see when fighting enemies is what you have to fill to stagger them and that will be filled slowly over the course of the fight.

The speed of the stagger gauge filling will depend on the speed of your attacks and some abilities like Cloud’s Focused Thrust will fill the gauge faster.

Now in order to fill that gauge faster, you have to attack the enemy with something that he is weak against. Say Guard Dogs are weak against magic attacks and that is why when you hit them with magic attacks their gauge will fill much much quicker.

In some other bosses, you can simply break a piece of their armor, like with Eligor you can break his chariot’s wheel and that will stagger him.

When the enemy is staggered in FF7 Remake, attack with everything you have when your ATB is fully charged and will be able to fill the bar again quickly.