How to Heal in Temtem

This guide will show you how to heal your Temtem in the game after long-fought battles so that you are well prepared for the next ones

It gets hard to live in the world of Temtem after you get done with the tutorial and you get into battles more frequently than you would’ve thought. Time does heal every wound but in order to heal your Temtem after intensive battles you have to go through a procedure and we will discuss How to Heal in Temtem in this guide.

How to Heal in Temtem

There is a shop called Temporium that you would need in order to heal in Temtem and this is not hard to find throughout the cities.

This shop contains all you need in terms of healing items. You can use the HealTem Station to heal your current team. This can be done by pressing the use key at HealTem Station. Irrespective of their current state their health bar would now be refilled.

But the story is different if they are damaged or knocked out.

In the scenario that they are damaged or knocked out, you would go to the same building and find healing items. It would cost 500 credits to heal the Temtem that are knocked out completely.

If you spend 80 credits you can get Balm which will let you heal 25 HP and similarly Balm+ that costs 325 credits and heal 70HP.

These will always come in handy out in the open world so you must keep these items close by. Other items that also be used for healing are;

  • Vital Apple– Restores 25% HP.
  • Vital Durian– Restores 50% HP.
  • Tonic– Restores 15 HP and 12 STA.
  • Tonic+– Restores 42 HP and 27 STA.

You can revive your knocked out Temtem using the following:

  • Revive– Revives with 50% HP and 50% STA.
  • Power Revive– Revives with 25% HP and 100% STA.

Now we will talk about Temessence Vial.

When you complete the storyline quests, this item will be obtained early on in the game. This item can heal up your entire team when you use it outside of battle. Before you use it, it needs to be recharged at a HealTem station.

If any of the above-mentioned items are in your stock then you can simply use them by pulling them out of your bag. For revives, you have to be out of battle.

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