How to Get to Cipanku Island in Temtem

In this Guide, we will be telling you How to Get to Cipanku Island, the new region added to Temtem in its latest game update.

In this guide, we will be telling you How to Get to Cipanku Island in Temtem. We will be talking about all of the steps that need to be completed to reach the all-new Cipanku Island that was added with the latest update of the game.

How to Get to Cipanku Island in Temtem

Cipanku Island was introduced in Temtem with the latest update on 13th April. Players can go to this island and complete a number of new quests as well as find and catch Temtems. But to do all of that you first need to reach the island.

You need to progress your storyline in order to reach the new island. You must complete the Kisiwa Island storyline and fight a hard tamer.

After that fight, you will be able to move on to the next step, which is to fly to Cipanku Island. Head towards the right side of the fight area and speak to Agustin.

You need to select the “ We’ve got a mission in Cipanku” option if it’s available. After that, just select the appropriate options to guide the conversation towards leaving for Cipanku.

After that, you will watch a cutscene and board the Airship.

The Airship to Cipanku Island
You need to complete a few tasks on this Airship to reach Cipanku Island in Temtem. First, you need to talk to Adia Turay. You can find her on the deck of the Airship.

Once you are done talking to her, go to the engine room and talk to the woman there. She will tell you about her wife. Now he ad downstairs and get ready to fight Izel.

Izel has the following Temtems:

  • Tuvine ( Lv.50)
  • Mushook (Lv.50)
  • Myx (Lv.50)
  • Platimous (Lv.50)

Once your fight with Izel is over, go back to the ship’s deck and speak with Adia Turay. Now head to the ship’s navigation room and talk to Kermal.

Mention that you need a new route and after that, you will be fighting another Tamer.

This tamer has the following Temtems:

  • Mouflank (Lv.50)
  • Turoc (Lv.50)
  • Raize (Lv.50)
  • Kalabyss (Lv.50)
  • Zizare (Lv.50)

After the fight is over, head back to the deck and talk to Adia. Talk to her about docking the Airship at the new island of Cipanku. And that’s how you reach the new islands where new challenges await you.

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