How to Get Rid of Bounty in Red Dead Redemption 2

What is a Rockstar game without some mischief, and with that mischief comes Rockstar’s famous “wanted” status. Same goes for your Wild West character in Red Dead Redemption 2, however, counter to its more modernized sister the GTA series, RDR2 gives you a bounty and doesn’t really do a fantastic job of explaining how to get rid of it. That’s why this guide will show you the easiest way to remove your bounty in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Get Rid of Red Dead Redemption 2 Bounty

The simplest and most efficient way to pay off and remove your bounty in RDR 2 is to actually pay it off! Just visit your nearest post office, the two most easily accessible early on are Valentine and Emerald Ranch.

At the post office, talk to the clerk and proceed to pay off whatever bounties are listed there, be careful as each county in RDR2 tracks crime separately and if you have a bounty all counties you have to pay them all individually.

And that’s it you are bounty free, but what if you wanted to save your money and get rid of the bounty? In that case, you can choose to get caught by the lawmen, although this is a bit risky.

To do this, you need to initiate a conversation with the pursuing lawman like you would with any other character, by pressing the left trigger to target them. You should then get a button prompt that lets you surrender.

Or you could commit a petty crime, be careful to not commit a serious crime, and get the lawman to chase you, then when he points his gun at you just press the button (triangle for ps4 and y for xbox) to surrender.

This takes you to a cut scene of a prison cell and then you are free to go, no gold lost

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