How to Get Lightning in Mario Kart Tour

In the weekly Tokyo Tour challenge of Mario Kart Tour, you are tasked with finding and using lightning three times. Now finding the lightning is the tough part as you acquiring it takes luck, but fret not for in this guide we will give you some tips and recommendations on how to get Lightning in Mario Kart Tour.

How to get Lightning in Mario Kart Tour

The good part is you don’t have to complete it all during the course of one race, so you can take as many jabs at this as you want. The goal of the lightning bolt is that it hits your enemies who have pulled ahead so that you could make a comeback.

If you’re really lagging behind the competition, chances are more than likely you will get this item, so it’s better to slow down a bit(Stay either in seventh or eighth place while picking up items) and wait for the fateful item box if you want to get the lightning. To further improve your chances you could:

  • Select a course with hidden side ramps. These have an extra item box that increases your chances of pulling lightning.
  • Pick the map’s preferred racer so you get three items per item box
  • Don’t pick the map’s preferred kart or glider so you don’t get speed or point boosts
  • Don’t start with the rocket boost when the timer hits “2” like normal

When you get the Lightning you just launch it towards one of your competitors and you are good to go. Just remember the further behind you are in the competition the more your chances increase of getting the lightning.

But, losing races on purpose will throw off your chances of raising your tier to get better rewards at the end of the week. So, if you don’t get lightning by from the fateful item boxes by the time you are partway through the second lap, it’s better to stop trying on that race and pull ahead to first place to salvage your score.

So basically as explained above, you need to be actually losing the race to be able to complete this Lightning challenge. The farther behind the first or second place you are, the higher chance of the Lightning ability to spawn for you to pick up.

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