How to Get Focus Sash in Pokemon Sword and Shield

This guide will teach you how to your hands on the Focus Sash in Pokemon Sword and Shield and avoid one-hit KOs on your Pokemon

There is an item in Pokemon Sword and Shield which can be very useful to prevent your Pokemon from going down just after a single hit. The item is called Focus Sash and has to be farmed by going in a fight with a man found in Hammerlocke. This guide will show you how to get Focus Sash in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Get Focus Sash in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Focus Sash is an item to be held by a Pokemon. If the holder has full HP, it will endure a potential KO attack with 1 HP. The item then disappears.

Basically, Focus Sash is supposed to be used on any powerful Pokemon with a low defense system.

If the Pokemon has all of its health points and they have the Focus Flash then they are going to go down when they have one health point left. This situation prevents the Pokemon from going down after a single hit.

How to get Focus Sash
Start off by beating the Hammerlocke Gym Leader because, before that, the area where Focus Sash is will be locked.

Once you are through with the Gym Leader, you are going to unlock the Hammerlocke area. In that town, you are going to come across the Pokemon Center. To the left of the Pokemon Center, you are going to find a building, enter it.

Inside the building, you are going to find a man, interact with him and he is going to challenge you for a fight.

The man has a level two Cottonee which is a very low-level Pokemon and is not going to sustain in front of your Pokemon for long. You will probably take it out in a single hit.

Once you are done with the fight, you are going to interact with the man again and he is going to give you Focus Sash as a reward of you winning the battle. Now you know the drill and know what to do with the item.

You can also purchase Focus Sash from the Battle Tower in Wyndon but for that, you have to use your Battle Points also, you would have to beat the game first in order to enter the Battle Tower.

Use it on a powerful Pokemon, with strong attacks but cannot sustain in the battles for long. After the Focus Sash is used once, it is going to disappear.

This is all the information that you require to farm and use the Focus Sash