How to Get 30,000 Points in Whack a Box in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

FF7 remake is all fun and games when doing the side quests until you reach halfway through the game and the mini-game, Whack a Box unlocks. In this guide, we will show you How to Get 30,000 Points in Whack a Box in Final Fantasy 7 Remake to get a high score and unlock a trophy.

How to Get 30,000 Points in Whack a Box in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

This side quest might be of the most challenging ones you may come across.

There are three tiers in Whack a Box minigame in FF7 Remake, each with their respective rewards.

You get an Elixer, A Crescent Moon Charm and A spectral cogwheel for 10000, 20000 and 30000 points respectively. So our focus is on getting the spectral cogwheel for which you must follow the following strategy.

Before the challenge starts, equip Cloud with the Spiked Bat weapon. The 50 to 100 points crate can be destroyed easily by attacking them by tapping square three times and then holding it the fourth time.

Just before you hit the 1500 points crate look behind you to find the red crates which when broken will give you a bonus of 10 seconds.

In the second area which you will access by breaking the crates in your way, you will find another red box behind you at the left side.

1500 boxes require a strategy to break them effectively. First of all, equip the Spiked Bat in the start and then switch to punisher mode when you see these big boxes.

Hit the square button and then hold it to perform a high damaging move that will also fill your ATB bar really quickly. When the bar is filled deploy the Braver skill twice to break the 1500 point crate apart.

Also, there are two boxes blocking the way to the next area and if you hit right between them where the gap is you can break both of them together and can score even more.

When you are in the second area, ignore the small boxes and aim for the 1500 ones especially the ones blocking the entrance to the boss arena!

When you are in the boss arena head straight to the pile of boxes in the center and use the punisher mode moves to break as many boxes as you can including the red ones granting you time.

Also, use the operator spin attack to mop up the broken boxes. Finally, head for the 1500 point boxes on the left and hit them in punisher mode to fill your ATB up to finish them off with Braver Skill.

This will surely leave you somewhere between 30,000 to 35,000 points and you will complete the requirements for the Whack-a-Box Wunderkind trophy in FF7 Remake.