How to Find Secret Room in CoD Mobile Zombies Shi No Numa

Learn how to find the secret room in Call of Duty Mobile Zombies shi no numa map and defeat the boss that awaits at the end

In call of duty mobile, there is a secret room in Zombie mode that you need to access in order to get a fight with the zombie boss Jobokko. It is a tree look alike big creature that you need to take down in order to be victorious in this zombie combat. So here we have a step by step procedure on how to find Secret Room in CoD Mobile Zombies Shi No Numa map.

How to Find Secret Room in CoD Mobile Zombies Shi No Numa

First, you need to enter the Zombie mode and then select the Heroic Mode to play with. This will take you to this new map in CoD mobile, Shi No Numa. Here you will fight and kill the zombies as they will come in bulks at each level.

Find the Elevator repair parts
What you need to do is find those elevator parts, in order to repair an elevator. Yes, this elevator is going to help you get to that secret room. You will find these parts on the tables in the lower part of the main building, they will be spawned randomly on the tables there so make sure to check them all.

Repair the Elevator
After you have found both of the repair parts, go outside the building and you will see a broken and worn down elevator, get close to the red box and start repairing the elevator.  You will have to put both those parts, one outside and after that one inside and then your elevator will be ready. Get inside and use it to go down.

Secret Room
When you go down, go straight in the alley as far as it takes you until eventually, you will be in a big hall, from there take a left and then another left and after walking straight you will be in the Secret Room of the Zombie Mode in the map Shi No Numa.

But this is not all, here you have to activate all the eggs that are in the showcases with broke glasses, when you activate an egg some branches like tentacles will come out of it meaning it is activated.

After that get outside of that room into the adjacent room and activate the power from a table with some buttons on it. When you do that you will listen to a broadcast about the experiment.

After you are done with the secret room below, climb back up through the elevator and now you have to just kill zombies and survive until level 12 shown on the top of your screen. This is going to be a difficult task as Zombies will keep on increasing with each level and you will have to make sure you don’t run out of ammo. Run throughout the map and get through it until level 12.

Fight the Boss
After you are done with level 12, get back to the elevator and you will be prompted to start button. Click the button and Voila…. You will be taken to a new strange field where you will be facing this boss monster called Jobokko.

You will have unlimited ammo so don’t worry about that but the boss will have some tricks up its sleeve so keep your eyes open for that.

Your best bet is to keep a safe distance from him and do not get very close and avoid being right in front of him as most of his attacks are frontal attacks. Other than that, just keep firing until you get it down and that will be it.