How To Find Rusted Bits In Final Fantasy XV – A Better Engine Blade, Weapon Upgrade

Rusted Bit is perhaps the most commonly available Treasure item in Final Fantasy XV and is also needed for A Better Engine Blade quest during Chapter 2. It is highly likely that by the time players reach Chapter 2 and get the quest from Cid, they would have already acquired at least one Rusted Bit.

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Final Fantasy XV Rusted Bits Locations

Like other treasures, it is a good idea to not sell any Rusted Bit until players have completed the weapon upgrade quest.

Rusted Bits are pretty common in dungeons, although they can also be found in other open world areas while players are roaming. One Rusted Bit is located inside the Keycatrich Trench dungeon which players will access during a main story quest. Once in the dungeon, players need to continue straight ahead until they hit a wall and then turn right. A following left turn will take them to a rubble pile with a Rusted Bit in it.

Another one is located at the Galdin Quay resort in the far south of Leide. Players need to walk to the end of the pier where the item will be on the ground next to a white-blue striped pole. Yet another Rusted Bit is located in Prairie Outpost, atop the water tower.

One more piece is located inside the Balouve Mines dungeon, on the cart tracks before reaching the elevator. There are a lot of enemies in the area so players should be careful before venturing in there at low levels.

While doing the Greyshire Glacial Grotto dungeon for a main story quest, The Sword in the Waterfall, players can find two more Rusted Bits. Upon entering the dungeon, players need to move next to the left side wall and they will find one treasure. The second one is located near stalagmites in the middle of the large room as they progress through the dungeon.

One Rusted Bit is hidden in a pile of rubble at the Cauthess Coernix Station, east of Cauthess Disc while another is at Taelpar Rust Area, behind the diner in the grass.

Once players have acquired a Rusted Bit, they can go back to Cid at Hammerhead Outpost and complete the quest to upgrade their Engine Blade.

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