Final Fantasy XV Character Builds Guide – Best Abilities, Weapons, Spells, Techniques

Final Fantasy XV Character Builds Guide to help you approach the game in a variety of different possible ways and make the most out of the game’s combat mechanics.

When it comes to building your character in Final Fantasy XV, there are quite a lot of things to keep in mind. The game allows you to spend Ability Points (APs) in order to buy and upgrade different abilities.

Depending on how you like to approach the game’s combat, you only require a handful of abilities. While you can always farm Aps like a maniac and get everything possible, it’s not everyone’s cup of team.

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Final Fantasy XV Character Builds Guide

In our Final Fantasy XV Character Builds Guide, we have discussed a few different ways in which you can build you character. Since nothing is set in stone, you can always try and mix things up to come up with a build which accompaniments your playstyle.

Final Fantasy XV Builds

There are some powerful setups which can give you a huge boost in weapons and status effects.


There are 4 elements and 4 weapon slots at Noctis’ disposal. You should try to have 4 different weapons imbued with 4 different elements. After the 3rd chapter, you should be able to cycle through weapons on the fly and counter each enemy effectively.


  • Blade of Brennaere – Get from Wiz Chocobo Post, Coernix Station; Cauthess
  • Flame Tongue – Taelpar Rest Area, Lestallum


  • Cocytus – Hammerhead
  • Ice Spear – Lestallum, Verinas Mart; Ravatogh
  • Ice Brand – Verinas Mart; Ravatogh


  • Storm Lance – Taeplar Rest Area


  • Durandal, Radiant Lance, and Orichalcum – Meldacio Hunter HQ

Black Mage

Noctis is capable of having an array of powerful spells at his disposal, effectively turning him into a Black Mage. These spells allow him to deal ridiculous amount of damage, especially in the early game.

During cooldown periods, try to chip away at the enemy health with ranged attacks or charge in with the Wizard Shield. There are a lot of options to play around with.

The Ring of the Lucii

This basically combines the Ring of the Lucii and point-warping. With this combination, you should be able to eliminate enemies with Death and Alterna attacks without losing MP, thanks to point-warping.

It is important to note that most of the bosses in the game are immune to Alterna, but it can prove really helpful against other foes. Death, on the other hand, works really well once you get the hang of it. When surrounded by enemies, you should also give the Holy counter a try as well.

EXP Boost

If you are looking to level up incredibly fast, you need to eat a Stacked Ham Sandwich for additional 50% EXP gain, equip a Moogle Charm for another 20% boost, and engage enemies who yield huge amount of EXP.

For this method, you should try to run through a dungeon or a maze for efficient EXP farming.

Appendage Breaker
Breaking appendages can put you on a massive advantage. For instance, it not only makes enemies take more damage, but also removes resistances. This strategy is particularly useful when it comes to Red Giants in Costlemark Tower and Insomnia.

There are weapons such as Mace of the Fierce, Sword of the Tall, Hardegde, etc. which can help you achieve it. Once you have any of such weapons at your disposal, use ally technique to break an appendage and dish out some raw damage using anything you prefer.

Powerful but Fragile

This method basically makes your party incredibly powerful, but extremely fragile. When going with this build, you should definitely consider buying a ton of cheap healing items, Phoenix Downs, and revive any downed teammates at the earliest.

To begin, have a Packed Mushroom Stew to increase your Str. and Mag. by +500 with the Last Stand effect. To top it off, equip some accessories and Power EX consumables to further enhance Str. When combined, this should make your party incredibly powerful with as low as 10% of the base HP.

If you like to play with high risk, high reward build; you should definitely consider going with this.

It goes without saying that magic is incredibly powerful in FFXV, especially in the early game. For this build, you need to be able to know about enemy weaknesses before the battle ensues which is why you need Analyze. As for casting spells, you need to gather energy from your surroundings which is where Elementalism kicks in.

However, we do not really want to continue spamming spells which is why you need them to be potent and have maximum effect. To achieve this, you need to go with Powercraft and Extra Powercraft, granting you around +40 additional spell power.

Finally, you can go with Magic Action to be able to earn free Aps for casting spells, giving you the freedom to change things in future.


If magic is not your cup of tea and you prefer to get in close and dish out some raw damage without disturbing nature, this one is for you. Once again, you need to have Analyze so that you are able to tell enemy weaknesses right at the start of a battle.

From there, you need to have Light Phase, Blink Boost and Warp Factor for effective MP management. Since the build also focuses on using Techniques such as Dawnhammer and Starshell, you need to have Tech Strike for effective Tech Bar management.

Apart from these, you need to have Airstep, Deathdrop, Blink, Chained Fury, and Health Level.

Middle-Earth Entourage

This build purely focuses on utilizing Teamwork and Combat trees in the game. For combat, you need to have Chained Fury and Stalker for enhanced blindside damage as well as increased combo damage.

For your convenience, I have broken down abilities according to party members. For Gladio, you need Reflex and Antagonize. For Ignis, Lancet and Venom Fang for consistent damage over time. For Prompto, you should go with Fire Strike and Scintilla which gives you some pretty decent initiation, counter-abilities, and crowd control.

Last but not the least, you should also consider going with Health Level and Savior’s Fortitude for better sustain and to ensure maximum survivability.

This is all we have on Final Fantasy XV Character Builds Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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