How to find Buried Treasures in Valheim

In this Valheim guide, we will show you how to reliably find and dig up buried treasure in the game using various different methods.

Valheim’s map is littered with buried treasure that you can dig up to get many useful items like arrows, gold coins and much more. However, finding buried treasure can be a hassle if you don’t know where to look or how to dig it up. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to find and dig up buried treasure in Valheim.

How to find Buried Treasures in Valheim

The first thing you need in order to find any buried treasure in Valheim is a pickaxe to dig up that buried treasure.

If you are just starting out, you can use the antler axe as your pickaxe. You can get that antler axe by killing the first boss in the game, named Eikthyr.

Locating Buried Treasure

After getting the axe, get to the Meadows Biome area and look for a large plain area with grass and little stones sticking out of the ground. Dig through this space and be thorough and you will find the hidden buried treasure.

Usually, you’ll find Buried treasure wherever you can spot these standing stone formations. So, if you spot some, dig in the area they are surrounding for some treasure!


Wishbones can make things easy and quick for you as you won’t have to dig through the entire large area. You can get a wishbone when you kill the Bonemass boss. It works like a metal detector for buried treasure.

You can get to a suspected buried treasure area and when you equip the wishbone, it will emit green sparks. As you get closer to the treasure, it will also start beeping and the beeping will get faster as you get closer to the treasure.

You can use the wishbone to find all kinds of treasures and ores and keep in mind that the wishbone is the only 100% reliable way to find buried treasure.

In terms of what you get in the treasure, the stuff tends to be pretty much the same most of the time. So that means it will usually be coins, feathers of arrows mostly.