How to Farm Carbides in Warframe

With the new Empyrean Expansion, Warframe allows it players to use space ships for in-game battles. Players are allowed to prepare ahead of the expansion to build their own Railjack. To get the Railjack functional, players have to repair the propulsion system for which they need almost 60 Carbides. The following guide covers How to Farm Carbides in Warframe.

How to Farm Carbides in Warframe

Carbides are new material that can be found during Missions.

Like the rest of the Rising Tide update, you can farm multiple missions to quickly get carbides.

Eximus units are the best way to earn Carbides and players should focus mainly on Old Blood content to get Carbides easy and quick.

Eximus units are powerful spawns that will have Warframe-like abilities. They can make other units more powerful, spawn shields, fire blasts and have increased health and damage compared to regular enemies.

Resource Boosters will give increased drop rates for Carbides, so if you get one on the daily login, focus it on farming Carbides while it’s active. All Eximus drop five to ten Carbides generally.


If you happen to have a Kuva Lich after you, and they have some nodes on Europa, you will face more Eximus units.

Lich can steal your Carbides if they control the specific Nodes that drop them so be cautious of this.

One of the best missions to farm these Carbides outside of the Lich is on Dark Sector Defense on the Larzec node.

Eximus Units on Europa also have a chance to drop Carbides, you can get between five and ten of them per drop.

Defense missions on Seimeni and Casta are also a good way to quickly encounter Eximus and get Carbides.

You can also carry on endless missions on Ceres to encounter Eximus. As you get into the later waves of the endless missions, more Eximus will start to spawn

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